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By Humaan

12 December 2016

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Humaans with their web awards

It’s been a massive year throughout 2016 and we’re incredibly proud to have capped it off with 11 wins and 6 further nominations at the Australian Web Awards on Friday night. Most notably, we were fortunate to have won the national awards for Government and Startup for our work with Screenwest and Flower Bros, respectively.

For us, Screenwest offered a particularly interesting opportunity to give the WA public a more positive and intuitive web experience. We feel they demonstrate how government organisations can reach their audiences with a modern, enhanced and accessible digital presence. Screenwest also received medals for Excellence in User Interface Design (Gold) and Accessibility (Silver).

With Flower Bros, we wanted to create a unique experience for the online flower retail market. We spent months developing its unique brand and messaging, and focused on a super simple eCommerce experience beyond traditional offerings. Taking a national web award for it, along with medals for Excellence in Development (Gold) and User Experience Design (Silver), really acknowledges the hard work the team has put in throughout the year.

We were also incredibly fortunate to have been awarded medals for Excellence in User Interface Design (Gold; Waaffle, Yappy, Motive Apartments), User Experience Design (Silver; Waaffle) and Content (Silver; Cameron Chisholm Nicol), and to have been named finalists in the Startup (Waaffle), Innovation (Waaffle, Perth Device Lab), Small Business (Yappy) and Commercial (Premium Lighting, Loyalkaspar) categories.

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees on the night. It’s an honour to be amongst such a high calibre of entrants from across the country.

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