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Humaan is an award winning digital agency focused on user-driven outcomes. We strive to create meaningful connections for users through considered strategy and innovation in the digital space. Above all, we believe in beautiful design, attention to detail, interaction, experimentation, collaboration and exploration. We deliver intelligent products, engaging experiences and exceptional outcomes for incredible clients all over the world.

Jay Hollywood

Co-founder & Creative Director

Jay enjoys design more than Mexican food. He's passionate about great user experiences and exploring new ways to deliver better outcomes. You may catch him reading about startups or watching reruns of The Sopranos.

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Karen Hollywood

Co-founder & Manager

Lover of a good meme, Karen fancies both design and front-end development. She is an avid basketballer, runner and exercise junkie. Crocheting with a cup of tea in front of the telly? Yep you'll find her doing that, too.

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Lee Karolczak

Development Lead

Lee is passionate about web development, has an appetite for luncheon meats and makes smart investments in fine ice-cream. In his spare time Lee utilises his creative talents building web games, experimenting with digital art and playing ultimate frisbee.

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Paul Spencer

Design & Front-end Development

Paul is obsessed with UI and enamoured by the evolution of front end development. If left unattended, he'll beautiful mind that code all over your windows. In his spare time, Paul can be found performing in musicals, folding origami dinosaurs, drawing comic books or singing karaoke.

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Mark Gale

Project Manager

Mark helps our clients achieve their brand vision in the digital space through strategic advice and streamlined project management. He also helps fellow musicians achieve their band vision in the analogue space as a freelance bassist. It's kind of the same thing to him.

Dedy Lawidjaja

Web & Mobile Developer

Dedy is a compulsive tinkerer with technology, his idea of a workout is aerobics with his IDE in the backyard most mornings. A reformed hamburglar, he has since turned his attention to mexican food and once completed a 5-day nacho streak.

Kylie Timpani

Senior Designer

Kylie loves thoughtful design that is driven by psychology, silly illustrations and sexy colour combinations. This crazy cat lady, regularly trying to save the world, can often be found watching 90s TV or ranting about lettuce.

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Chris Botman

Web & Mobile Developer

Chris loves to make things: when not programming he brews beer and gardens (mostly to grow things to put in beer). Chris thinks his wife throws the best dinner parties and happily scrubs pots to contribute.

Jesse Yuen

Front-end Development

Jesse digs exploring the ever changing landscape of front-end development. He has a (slight) obsession with watching the BOM rain radar and when not cloud spotting presents a bit of community radio.

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Dan Moore

Design & Front-end Development

Great designs, and brilliant interactions are both key to keeping Dan enthusiastic about the web. When not pushing pixels or dropping code, it's been reported Dan has aspirations to regrow his flaming red moustache.

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Jess Stanley

Project Manager

Jess loves people and projects managed to the extreme. Exceptional folder organisation and colourful spreadsheets are her favourite weapons. She finds great joy in playing cards against humanity, designing her dream home via Pinterest and poached eggs at brunch.

Dan Barrett

Web Developer

Whether it's sitting at his computer or riding his bike, Dan is constantly thinking about code. In those rare moments he isn't writing code, you'll find him re-watching episodes of The A-Team or using telekinesis to pat his dog.

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Sandy Lim


Sandy writes and writes. She also makes stuff out of yarn, paper, fabric, clay, electronics, old boxes and whatever else she can get her hands on. You’ll usually find her gardening, gaming, training or playing a spot of football.

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Being Humaan

Our values & the key to great relationships


Believe in digital

Digital isn't the word of the moment. It's the way forward.


Speak human

People are the only reason we're here, let's not complicate things.


Quality is king

Mass production is the quickest way to irrelevance.


Be passionate

The way to greatness is to believe in what you're doing.


Form with function

Design is only effective when it supports the experience.


Expect creativity

Everyone has something to bring to the table.


Iterate & deliver

Experiment and collaborate. Be ambitious, exceed expectations.

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Some things you may not (need to) know about us


Combined total feline ownership.


Continents our clients currently span. Across Australia, UK, US, Singapore and the Middle East.


Current office Mario Kart 64 battle mode champion.


Tea drinkers to coffee drinkers.


Git commits this week.


Average age amongst the humaans.


Total Australian Web Awards won in 2015.

PerthWestern Australia

Humaan's home-base.

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