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This post was written by Dedy Lawidjaja

About Dedy Lawidjaja

Dedy is an compulsive tinkerer with technology, his idea of a workout is aerobics with his IDE in the backyard most mornings. A reformed hamburglar, he has since turned his attention to mexican food and once completed a 5-day nacho streak.

Animating with SVG

17 Jul 2014

The digital space affords us many opportunities to push design beyond static presentation and incorporate delight through unique experiences and engagement. This is something we consider with all of our projects, not to mention in our own new website. One component in particular stands out based on the feedback we’ve received, and that’s the simple animation of our logo when being hovered with the mouse.

We had a lot of fun putting this together, and since we’ve received numerous questions on the construction, we thought we’d share our process.

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