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2016 Australian Web Awards

12 Dec 2016

Humaans with their web awards

It’s been a massive year throughout 2016 and we’re incredibly proud to have capped it off with 11 wins and 6 further nominations at the Australian Web Awards on Friday night. Most notably, we were fortunate to have won the national awards for Government and Startup for our work with Screenwest and Flower Bros, respectively.

For us, Screenwest offered a particularly interesting opportunity to give the WA public a more positive and intuitive web experience. We feel they demonstrate how government organisations can reach their audiences with a modern, enhanced and accessible digital presence. Screenwest also received medals for Excellence in User Interface Design (Gold) and Accessibility (Silver).

With Flower Bros, we wanted to create a unique experience for the online flower retail market. We spent months developing its unique brand and messaging, and focused on a super simple eCommerce experience beyond traditional offerings. Taking a national web award for it, along with medals for Excellence in Development (Gold) and User Experience Design (Silver), really acknowledges the hard work the team has put in throughout the year.

We were also incredibly fortunate to have been awarded medals for Excellence in User Interface Design (Gold; Waaffle, Yappy, Motive Apartments), User Experience Design (Silver; Waaffle) and Content (Silver; Cameron Chisholm Nicol), and to have been named finalists in the Startup (Waaffle), Innovation (Waaffle, Perth Device Lab), Small Business (Yappy) and Commercial (Premium Lighting, Loyalkaspar) categories.

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees on the night. It’s an honour to be amongst such a high calibre of entrants from across the country.

Getting more from social media

25 Jul 2016

Waaffle logo

Last week, we launched our latest project: Waaffle – a platform that aggregates social media posts for, well… lots of things.

We wanted to make it easy for people to keep an eye on what’s happening in the social sphere, gauge how well their marketing efforts perform, and re-share content from multiple social media platforms on their website or app.

With Waaffle, you can:

  • run social media competitions and campaigns,
  • add public displays to your live event,
  • re-publish content to your website or app,
  • follow popular hashtags and their conversations,
  • watch for memes and picture trends,
  • monitor audience and competitor activity,
  • and more!

It’s simple – create a campaign and add feeds to follow hashtags and accounts across selected social media websites. Waaffle collects the relevant posts, offers insights on key metrics, and provides simple publishing tools for sharing your campaign with the world.

Learn more about Waaffle’s great features or check out the website at:

Nominated for a Webby!

11 Apr 2016

our first webby award nomination

Woohoo! We just got our first Webby award nomination!

Break Up with IE8 has been picked as a nominee in the Social: Weird category. We were thrilled to see so many people join us in dramatically ending a downhill relationship with Internet Explorer 8. And now we’re honoured to be up for an award.

The competition is tough. To be honest, we’re just excited to be counted alongside the likes of ClickHole and Whiskas Catstacam. But if you want to vote for us anyway, well… we’re totally on board with that.

Want to vote for us?

Head over to our nominee listing on The Webby People’s Voice Awards site:

Welcome Sandy!

23 Feb 2016

A big welcome to the newest Humaan and writer extraordinaire, Sandy Lim! A longtime friend, we’re really pleased to have Sandy join the team and extend our content, writing and tea drinking abilities. We asked Sandy our three questions below.

Welcome Sandy!

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.
When I was 13, my dad got us our first internet connection. Hundreds of dollars in dial-up and excess bandwidth charges later, I’m up til 3am learning how to make websites so I can publish my stories and crap teen poetry. I’ve done time in dev, design, product, content, UX – and now, I just write. :)

What are you most looking forward to?
Exploring new things with creative people. Then using what we learn to build cool stuff that can make a difference. And, most importantly, having fun.

What makes you Humaan?
A lovely partner, two cats, hobby room full of junk supplies treasure, and an ever-growing wishlist of new adventures. Plus a weekly game of indoor football to keep me sane.

The Perth Device Lab is now open

10 Feb 2016

The Perth Device Lab

The Perth Device Lab is open to the community for testing your web products on a range of mobile devices and operating systems. Open to the community, it’s a free space for you to come in and test your digital products on a growing range of mobile devices, simulators, and virtual machines.

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Thanks 2015, you’ve been swell

15 Dec 2015


The holiday season is nearly upon us and as huma(a)ns often do around this time, we find ourselves looking back at 2015 and acknowledging our achievements, favourite moments and milestones…

The Humaans moved office this year and we’re all loving our new digs in Northbridge. The open plan space bodes well for our collaboration and full scale nerf wars, though the array of food options has meant we’ve had to start a Slack fitness bot.

It's official!

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on

The rotating Friday arvo DJ roster is proving to be a highlight of the week. Even Sandra agrees…

@leekarolczak's favourite actress is now his desk buddy #dreamscancometrue

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on

We broke up with IE8 and wow did it feel good. Hopefully some of you chose to join us in the act. Oh and by the way, if you’re reading this IE9, you’re next.

This year we also built a Privacy Policy Generator to make your life a little bit easier. Check it out at Did you find the easter egg?

We’re grateful for the amazing bunch of clients and projects we’ve worked on throughout the year. Some of our sites won awards, and we were honoured to have received the awards amongst such strong competition. The quality of work this year from WA in particular has been outstanding.

Some of the Humaans made the journey to Sydney for Web Directions. A massive crew from Perth joined us over there for a rewarding and insightful couple of days.

2015 saw us say goodbye to a Humaan. We miss you Niaal! We did however make new friends too… hello there Jess and Dan. Our intern Dana in Design and our work experience student Alexa both hung out and impressed us all with their skills.

Huge welcome to our superstar intern @danaindesign, joining us for the next few weeks!

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on


As we get ready to close the office for a couple of weeks we can’t help but let out a bit of a squeal when thinking about what’s coming in 2016. We’ve got a couple of exciting projects bubbling up in the lab which we can’t wait to share with you and the Humaans are looking forward to see what the new year will bring in terms of new friends and new opportunities.

Something tasty has been cooking in the @wearehumaan labs! More to be announced soon…

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on

Stay safe over the holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and talk to you all in 2016!

Web Directions 2015 Recap

19 Nov 2015

Another year, another Web Directions down. Seven of the Humaans attended this year, along with a wider Perth crowd who successfully Perthed the pants off Sydney and Web Directions in general.


It was a great two days with John Allsopp and Rosemary Allsopp (and team) organising a top quality, diverse and friendly conference which included speakers of a very high calibre, a family friendly opening night of vintage theme park fun, excellent catering, much needed good coffee and an after party that allowed us all to mix with the wider WD15 crowd and interact with the speakers.

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