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Thoughts on Web Directions 2014

04 Nov 2014

Recently a group of us Humaans were fortunate enough to attend the 2014 Web Directions conference in Sydney. While our livers suffered, our brains thrived, and we wrote about our collective experience on the event below.


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Welcome Jesse!

08 Oct 2014

Say hello to the newest humaan, Jesse Yuen. Apart from impressing us with his killer front-end developer skills, he also sent this photo of himself standing outside our office as part of his application.

How could we not hire him?

Jesse Yuen

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Humaans and the Web #4 – Familiarity breeds engagement

12 Jul 2013

The old saying is not necessarily true. Rather than feeling contempt, web users tend to react positively toward familiar elements within a website or application.

This familiarity bias can be exploited to make radically new ideas and approaches to web design appear seamless and natural. Even when unleashing a bold new creative approach, try to incorporate visual or experiential aspects that users are likely to have encountered before.

Think about it in terms of ordering a hamburger or a pizza. When faced with menu choices many people will favour what they already know and like. Even when a range of gourmet options are attractive they will have the most impact in conjunction with familiar taste sensations.

The familiar reinforces previous user experiences, while the new adds flavour and a sense of discovery and excitement.


Lions Australia website wins international award

10 Jul 2013

The Humaan team were delighted to hear that the Lions Australia website won first place in the multiple district category at the 96th International Lions Convention, held recently in Hamburg, Germany.

Given that the entrants came from Lions clubs all over the world this was a fantastic achievement. It was also a testament to the vision of Rob Oerlemans and Alex Maitland at Lions Australia that their website conform to best practice in terms of user engagement.

You can view the award-winning Lions Australia website here:

Is an outstanding first impression enough?

15 Aug 2011

If our decisions were based on first impressions alone, life would be a lot simpler. It would take you seconds to evaluate a potential partner, you’d know right away whether to do business with someone, and having a beautifully designed website would be enough to attract new clients.

There’s no denying the importance of the first impression, especially when it comes website design. But while we’ve been so focused on the aesthetics, we’ve stopped thinking about what sort of impression we’re making overall.

Creating a lasting impression takes more than good design. You also need quality content. It takes a person just a few seconds to scan a web page and work out if it relates to what they’re looking for – and it’s the content’s job to convince them that, indeed, it is.

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