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This post was written by Sandy Lim

About Sandy Lim

Sandy writes and writes. She also makes stuff out of yarn, paper, fabric, clay, electronics, old boxes and whatever else she can get her hands on. You’ll usually find her gardening, gaming, training or playing a spot of football.

The importance of UX in e-commerce

07 Feb 2017


Let’s talk about shopping cart abandonment. That’s when visitors leave your site without making a purchase. It’s a big bugbear for e-commerce businesses, potentially translating to thousands in lost revenue each year.

Almost 70% of online shoppers will abandon their carts without buying anything. This is an average figure, according to Baymard Institute’s calculations from 34 studies on e-commerce cart abandonment, but a rather alarming one.

Of course, there’s not much you can do about visitors who leave for personal reasons, i.e. those who aren’t interested in your goods, or those who just aren’t ready to buy yet. But what about everyone else — why are they leaving?

The short answer: bad UX.

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Accessibility means designing for yourself too

17 Jan 2017


Accessibility is most commonly associated with designing for “people with disabilities”. And even when we talk about it being for “everyone”, the concept is still so abstract, it tends to carry the idea that accessibility is for someone else.

A different group. An other.

But this only tells half the story.

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The power of good copy (whatever that means)

31 Mar 2016


These days, you can’t roll out of bed without landing on some words. Every marketer, designer, writer and reader should be able to tell you what good copy entails. It feels right, sounds good and delivers results. The end.

Of course, there’s more to it.

And I must admit, I always feel uncomfortable when the subject of good copy comes up. Let me tell you why.

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