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This post was written by Niaal Holder

March 19, 2015 marks a rather depressing milestone: it’s your sixth anniversary with Internet Explorer 8. How you’ve survived this tedious relationship to now, well… we just don’t know. However, after much brow-furrowing and informed discussion at the Humaan think tank (read: Christmas party), we feel we have a duty to intervene.

So… It’s time to break up with IE8.

With a global browser share of around 3%, we spend a disproportionate amount of time with IE8. A lot of that time probably involves colourful language and/or fist-shaking. Rarely (if ever) does a modern website survive its grubby clutches, so why do we continue to compromise?

If your interest is sufficiently piqued, hit up our sternly-worded website at for further instructions.


By Niaal Holder on 11 March 2015 No Comments

Welcome Jess


This post was written by Humaan

A big welcome to Jessica Stanley, the newest humaan and our new Project Manager. Jess brings a wealth of experience to the team from her time in Melbourne at a leading branding agency, as well as some of the finest chocolate brownies we’ve tasted. We asked Jess the three questions below.


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This post was written by Humaan

We’re incredibly proud to be digital partners for PUBLIC 2015, a massive 10 day transformation of Western Australia’s built spaces run by our friends at FORM. After a hugely successful inaugural event last year, FORM are following it up with an amazing line up of international street artists and change makers to make this year’s event even bigger and better.

Visit the all new website for PUBLIC 2015 at for more information on the artists, speakers and the upcoming events throughout WA. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

PUBLIC2015 Website

By Humaan on 2 February 2015 No Comments

Welcome Niaal!


This post was written by Humaan

A new year and another talented Humaan to add to the team, Mr Niaal Holder. Niaal impressed us with his depth of knowledge, woodworking skills and the fact that he also has two a’s in his name. We asked Niaal the three questions to introduce himself below.

Niaal Holder

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By Humaan on 12 January 2015 No Comments

Welcome Dan!


This post was written by Humaan

We’re incredibly excited to announce the newest addition to the Humaan team, Dan Moore. Dan is a talented designer and front end developer who brings a new perspective and a whole lot of experience to the team. We asked Dan a few questions to introduce himself below.

Dan Moore

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By Humaan on 4 December 2014 No Comments

Custom HTML Markers with Google Maps


This post was written by Lee Karolczak

Given the wealth of knowledge available on the Google Maps Javascript API it came as a surprise in our experience at Humaan that it was difficult to find information regarding one very important feature – Custom HTML Map Markers. I am sure the limited resources presently available for this feature would be plaguing plenty of designers and developers.


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By Lee Karolczak on 26 November 2014 16 Comments

Thoughts on Web Directions 2014


This post was written by Humaan

Recently a group of us Humaans were fortunate enough to attend the 2014 Web Directions conference in Sydney. While our livers suffered, our brains thrived, and we wrote about our collective experience on the event below.


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By Humaan on 4 November 2014 1 Comment



This post was written by Jay Hollywood

Following on from our success in 2013 and at the state awards earlier this year, we are incredibly honoured to have picked up another two web awards in the Australian Web Awards national event for 2014.

The all new website for Skydive Jurien Bay took out the Commercial category (our second win for Commercial in as many years), while our work with Curtin University on Thrive Health won in Education.

Two wins at the Australian Web Awards 2014

It’s a massive honour to be recognised for our commitment to quality, creativity and the human experience that we strive to deliver in all of our projects. Huge thanks and congratulations to our awesome clients, and credit to the entire Humaan team!

We’d also like to congratulate all of the other winners and nominees this year, we’re very proud to be part of such a vibrant industry with so many creative and dedicated professionals.

Visit the Australian Web Awards website for the full list of winners.

By Jay Hollywood on 3 November 2014 No Comments

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