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Refocusing the Modal


This post was written by Dan Moore

Modaal plugin logo

Plugins and libraries are pretty neat. They can help developers save loads of time on their projects and include features otherwise too difficult or costly to develop – all with great results. They’ve enabled our industry to expand and adapt at a faster rate than ever before.

What sometimes holds back this space, however, is a lack of emphasis on the really important things – namely accessibility and supporting users who require assistive technologies.

We noticed this most in the modal/dialogue window plugin space. Accessible modal plugins were few and far between, and they lacked the right mix of quality, flexibility and aesthetics.

So we set ourselves the challenge: to create a modal plugin that is, first and foremost, accessible at a WCAG2.0 Level AA standard. One we would be proud and happy to use in our own client work and something we could share with the community to further the accessibility cause.

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By Dan Moore on 19 April 2016 2 Comments

Nominated for a Webby!


This post was written by Humaan

our first webby award nomination

Woohoo! We just got our first Webby award nomination!

Break Up with IE8 has been picked as a nominee in the Social: Weird category. We were thrilled to see so many people join us in dramatically ending a downhill relationship with Internet Explorer 8. And now we’re honoured to be up for an award.

The competition is tough. To be honest, we’re just excited to be counted alongside the likes of ClickHole and Whiskas Catstacam. But if you want to vote for us anyway, well… we’re totally on board with that.

Want to vote for us?

Head over to our nominee listing on The Webby People’s Voice Awards site:

By Humaan on 11 April 2016 No Comments

LocalStorage is for Fun


This post was written by Dan Barrett

Cookie Monster eating cookies

In case you’ve been living under a rock, LocalStorage is a JavaScript API that allows you to store content in the browser’s cache and access it later on when you need it. Similar to how cookies work, but you’ve got much more than ~4KB (the maximum size for a cookie). That said, while there’s no size limit for each key/value pair in LocalStorage, you’re restricted to around 5-10 MB for each domain. I say 5-10 MB because as per usual, different browsers have different maximum limits. Classic!

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By Dan Barrett on 7 April 2016 No Comments

The power of good copy (whatever that means)


This post was written by Sandy Lim


These days, you can’t roll out of bed without landing on some words. Every marketer, designer, writer and reader should be able to tell you what good copy entails. It feels right, sounds good and delivers results. The end.

Of course, there’s more to it.

And I must admit, I always feel uncomfortable when the subject of good copy comes up. Let me tell you why.

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By Sandy Lim on 31 March 2016 No Comments

Bigger (square) thumbnails from the Instagram API


This post was written by Dan Barrett

When Instagram added the ability to upload non-square media images to their service, the only way to get a cropped version of the image from the API was via the thumbnail attribute from the media endpoint. Those familiar with the API would know that Instagram’s thumbnails are served at a rather small size of 150×150 which is alright in some cases, but if you need a larger thumbnail size a 150×150 image scales up very poorly.

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By Dan Barrett on 21 March 2016 No Comments

Investing in design


This post was written by Jay Hollywood

Investing in design

The value of design in today’s world is unprecedented. It impacts everything around us, from business to culture and how we interact with each other. Good design can deliver better experiences, make our lives easier and solve real problems… but as designers, we often fall way short of our potential.

You’ll find many opinions in favour of using a particular typeface, utilising flat design or adopting the latest photoshop replacement to become a ‘good designer’, but you know what? None of this really matters. Design is about solving problems, and the responsibility of good design lies directly on the designer and their passion for their craft.

The (not so) secret to good design, and what separates a talented designer from the rest is the ability to get personally invested in a client, the work and the problem at hand. That is, designers who believe in the brief and the goals for the project will always be able to deliver a better outcome than those who are just ‘doing their job’.

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By Jay Hollywood on 29 February 2016 5 Comments

Welcome Sandy!


This post was written by Humaan

A big welcome to the newest Humaan and writer extraordinaire, Sandy Lim! A longtime friend, we’re really pleased to have Sandy join the team and extend our content, writing and tea drinking abilities. We asked Sandy our three questions below.

Welcome Sandy!

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.
When I was 13, my dad got us our first internet connection. Hundreds of dollars in dial-up and excess bandwidth charges later, I’m up til 3am learning how to make websites so I can publish my stories and crap teen poetry. I’ve done time in dev, design, product, content, UX – and now, I just write. :)

What are you most looking forward to?
Exploring new things with creative people. Then using what we learn to build cool stuff that can make a difference. And, most importantly, having fun.

What makes you Humaan?
A lovely partner, two cats, hobby room full of junk supplies treasure, and an ever-growing wishlist of new adventures. Plus a weekly game of indoor football to keep me sane.

By Humaan on 23 February 2016 No Comments

The Perth Device Lab is now open


This post was written by Humaan

The Perth Device Lab

The Perth Device Lab is open to the community for testing your web products on a range of mobile devices and operating systems. Open to the community, it’s a free space for you to come in and test your digital products on a growing range of mobile devices, simulators, and virtual machines.

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By Humaan on 10 February 2016 No Comments

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