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The importance of UX in e-commerce


This post was written by Sandy Lim


Let’s talk about shopping cart abandonment. That’s when visitors leave your site without making a purchase. It’s a big bugbear for e-commerce businesses, potentially translating to thousands in lost revenue each year.

Almost 70% of online shoppers will abandon their carts without buying anything. This is an average figure, according to Baymard Institute’s calculations from 34 studies on e-commerce cart abandonment, but a rather alarming one.

Of course, there’s not much you can do about visitors who leave for personal reasons, i.e. those who aren’t interested in your goods, or those who just aren’t ready to buy yet. But what about everyone else — why are they leaving?

The short answer: bad UX.

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By Sandy Lim on 7 February 2017 No Comments

Accessibility means designing for yourself too


This post was written by Sandy Lim


Accessibility is most commonly associated with designing for “people with disabilities”. And even when we talk about it being for “everyone”, the concept is still so abstract, it tends to carry the idea that accessibility is for someone else.

A different group. An other.

But this only tells half the story.

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By Sandy Lim on 17 January 2017 No Comments

2016 Australian Web Awards


This post was written by Humaan

Humaans with their web awards

It’s been a massive year throughout 2016 and we’re incredibly proud to have capped it off with 11 wins and 6 further nominations at the Australian Web Awards on Friday night. Most notably, we were fortunate to have won the national awards for Government and Startup for our work with Screenwest and Flower Bros, respectively.

For us, Screenwest offered a particularly interesting opportunity to give the WA public a more positive and intuitive web experience. We feel they demonstrate how government organisations can reach their audiences with a modern, enhanced and accessible digital presence. Screenwest also received medals for Excellence in User Interface Design (Gold) and Accessibility (Silver).

With Flower Bros, we wanted to create a unique experience for the online flower retail market. We spent months developing its unique brand and messaging, and focused on a super simple eCommerce experience beyond traditional offerings. Taking a national web award for it, along with medals for Excellence in Development (Gold) and User Experience Design (Silver), really acknowledges the hard work the team has put in throughout the year.

We were also incredibly fortunate to have been awarded medals for Excellence in User Interface Design (Gold; Waaffle, Yappy, Motive Apartments), User Experience Design (Silver; Waaffle) and Content (Silver; Cameron Chisholm Nicol), and to have been named finalists in the Startup (Waaffle), Innovation (Waaffle, Perth Device Lab), Small Business (Yappy) and Commercial (Premium Lighting, Loyalkaspar) categories.

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees on the night. It’s an honour to be amongst such a high calibre of entrants from across the country.

By Humaan on 12 December 2016 No Comments

Are popups still a good idea?


This post was written by Sandy Lim

person hit in the face by a flying newspaper (aka. the likely user experience when confronting an unexpected popup)

Go on. Ask any internet user how they feel about popups. You may learn some new swear words. And yet, when the business case for UX is stronger than ever, many brands still default to popups for pushing their marketing messages. Why?

No, they’re not lazy. Not entirely, anyway. It turns out that even though popups are the most disliked form of online advertising, and have been for a long time, they still work.

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By Sandy Lim on 7 November 2016 2 Comments

Better UX for browsing apartments


This post was written by Dan Moore

Image of people looking for an apartment

For the better part of a year we’ve been working closely with Perth-based property developers, Finbar, on a number of websites to promote their apartment buildings. One of the key questions we wanted to address along the way was “how could we provide a better user experience for browsing yet-to-be built apartments through a digital interface?”.

This post explores the challenges we faced along the way in addressing this question, to the final outcome of the new ‘Apartment Explorer’ including some initial results.

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By Dan Moore on 28 September 2016 No Comments

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