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Does Change == Holiday?


This post was written by Jesse Yuen


This is a post about my first year at Humaan, the up and downs, some of the challenges and the things I’ve learnt along the way. It’s a personal post of sorts, I wanted to share a different perspective of working in this great industry and perhaps touch on subjects I believe we don’t talk about enough.

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By Jesse Yuen on 29 September 2015 4 Comments

The Pursuit of Happiness


This post was written by Jess Stanley


Throughout the lifespan of a project we believe there are two fundamental goals needed to be successful:

A quality outcome that achieves the objectives set out and a happy client. One does not necessarily guarantee the other.

There are a handful of things you can do to keep your client happy throughout the process and these are not just designing a mind blowing website.

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By Jess Stanley on 17 September 2015 1 Comment


This post was written by Humaan blinking eye

One of the least considered aspects of launching a website is the terms of service and privacy policy, often not given much thought until a website is ready to launch.

Who reads them anyway, right? :P

Here at the Humaan labs we’ve been working on a few projects to help in the day to day lives of web developers. As such, we’re pleased to announce, a really simple Terms of Service and Privacy Policy generator.

Visit to generate your own policy which you can customise and use on any website where appropriate.

By Humaan on 9 September 2015 No Comments

Getting started with webpack and React, ES6 style


This post was written by Dan Barrett

webpack Article Image

This article is highly technical and you should have experience using build tools like Gulp, along with a good working knowledge of JavaScript.

We’re working on a little side project here at Humaan, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out some new-ish frameworks and build tools.  For a while now, React and webpack have been all the rage, and I wanted to learn more about them. In this article we’re going to look at setting up webpack with React, along with getting it working with Sass and hot module loaders.

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By Dan Barrett on 3 September 2015 3 Comments

Dear Developer. Love, Designer.


This post was written by Kylie Timpani

Email screen with 'Dear Developer' email

A couple of weeks ago, a tweet by Yesenia Perez-Cruz, Senior Designer at Vox Media, caught my eye. Her tweet posed what seemed like a simple question:



Usually, when these sorts of questions are posed on Twitter, there is an overwhelming variety of answers. While the answers varied, the majority who tackled the question proposed that the reason behind the lack of articles was due to the nature of the design/development process being sequential — work moves forwards not backwards. Pointing out that the process from a designer to developer is a linear process does a great job of answering Yesenia’s question… if the question was asked 10 years ago.

Today, I believe the answer is a little more complicated than this. According to the replies, some people, albeit the minority, also agree. These days, the web design process isn’t as linear as it used to be. Roles overlap and an openness to iterate frequently means that deliverables move forwards, backwards, diagonally and sideways during the life cycle of a project. In order to keep up with this, a team must communicate early and continue to communicate often. Essentially, the people in a team team need to work cohesively throughout the duration of the project instead of siloing themselves in their assigned roles.

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By Kylie Timpani on 20 August 2015 17 Comments

Prototyping & Working with Framer


This post was written by Dan Moore

Sketch of two devices

Here at Humaan we find prototyping to be a valuable asset to our everyday skillset, particularly in larger or more unique projects where concepts or ideas need validating, or when certain design elements can be better explained to our clients during a design presentation. It can provide something tangible for the client to play with and get a feel for while they mull over the design mockups being presented. It’s also useful for immediate user testing and gathering feedback before committing to a large development project.

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By Dan Moore on 11 August 2015 No Comments

HTTP/2 and You


This post was written by Dan Barrett

HTTP/2.0 and you

This article gets pretty techy! If that doesn’t sound like your bag, here’s a quick summary: the HTTP network protocol has existed since the early days of the web, and it’s about to be succeeded by HTTP/2 which will make communications between servers and browsers more efficient. It also means we need to change the way we optimise our websites to take advantage of the technology, so we don’t work against it.

The dawn of HTTP/2 is upon us. Since 1999, we’ve been using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 1.1 which isn’t particularly efficient. After many years of debating, HTTP/2 (aka HTTP version 2) has been standardised, approved, and is now on its way to a browser near you. Before we see what HTTP/2 brings to the table, we should have a look at how it came to be.

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By Dan Barrett on 28 July 2015 1 Comment

Client Side: The Project Brief


This post was written by Mark Gale


This is the first post in a series we’re calling ‘client side’, a run of posts dealing with the client agency relationship and how to get the most out of a digital project

First up we’re looking at one of the most fundamental but often overlooked aspects of a successful project: the project brief.

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By Mark Gale on 20 July 2015 No Comments

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