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Welcome Jesse!


This post was written by Humaan

Say hello to the newest humaan, Jesse Yuen. Apart from impressing us with his killer front-end developer skills, he also sent this photo of himself standing outside our office as part of his application.

How could we not hire him?

Jesse Yuen

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By Humaan on 8 October 2014 No Comments

We’re hiring!


This post was written by Jay Hollywood

Front End Developer

We’re on the lookout for a talented Front End Developer / Designer to join the team. If you’re a gun with HTML5 and think about code in your sleep (or know someone who does), head on over to for more information and details on how to apply.

By Jay Hollywood on 1 September 2014 No Comments

Animating with SVG


This post was written by Dedy Lawidjaja

The digital space affords us many opportunities to push design beyond static presentation and incorporate delight through unique experiences and engagement. This is something we consider with all of our projects, not to mention in our own new website. One component in particular stands out based on the feedback we’ve received, and that’s the simple animation of our logo when being hovered with the mouse.

We had a lot of fun putting this together, and since we’ve received numerous questions on the construction, we thought we’d share our process.

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By Dedy Lawidjaja on 17 July 2014 1 Comment

Blown away.


This post was written by Jay Hollywood

We’ve been incredibly humbled by the amazing feedback and response to the launch of our new website recently.  We’d like to say a big thanks to all those who have sent us emails and tweets over the last few weeks, and to all of the blogs and gallery sites that have featured us.

In particular, Awwwards, The Best Designs, Site Inspire, CSS Design Awards, and Webcreme – sites which help form much of our own inspiration and include websites of the highest calibre in the industry.

Taking out Site of the Day and the Developer Award from arguably the most renowned website awards site, Awwwards, really tops it all off. A big thanks from all of us Humaans!

By Jay Hollywood on 18 June 2014 4 Comments

Humaans and the Web #6 – On the 8th day…


This post was written by Paul Spencer

The day is finally here. You and your team have slaved over the latest website for months and your boss is nodding smugly as the QA gives the all clear. Everyone’s high fiving and the champagne cork is about to fly across the room to hit Greg in HR, but wait! Is that really the end?

The methodology in delivering an effective product that will meet the client’s objectives is the primary goal when building a web site, but often there’s no consideration to the above-and-beyond finishing touches that will set your work apart from others. Have you done anything unexpected of you to go the extra mile?

When we experience something that is unexpected or unanticipated, the reaction evoked is a sense of wonder, astonishment or amazement. Are there any small surprises built into the user experience while the user is navigating your project? Surprises not only satisfy the user, but also capture attention, keeping them on task. Surprises can be anything from ‘easter eggs’, pockets of text with personality and flair or maybe even a compliment.

Surprises and finishing touches are often referred to as ‘delighters’. Delighters are small satisfying points of difference that form a favourable and memorable impression on the user. We respond well to small, unexpected and playful pleasures, so before your project wraps take a few moments to think of what delighters are included.

Only then should you unwrap that gold foil and uncork. Look out Greg!

By Paul Spencer on 5 June 2014 1 Comment



This post was written by Jay Hollywood

Almost two years since we unveiled the second incarnation of our website, we’re really excited to present the all new – a presence which better reflects our evolution as an agency, our voice and our focus on human interaction.

We started this process almost a year ago – first planning the evolution of our brand (a more detailed post on that is coming shortly) and then looking at how this translated to our website. Over time, our thinking has evolved and we’ve refined a number of components throughout. That time has enabled us to deliver the final outcome which you see today, one which we’re all very proud of. We hope you enjoy.

By Jay Hollywood on 20 May 2014 4 Comments

At the Mercy of Google


This post was written by Mark Gale

Google is great for users, it instantly provides us anything we need to know right at our fingertips. However, from a business point of view their near monopolistic hold on online search means Google ‘own’ how you reach your potential audience.

There are plenty of scary stories of how Google’s algorithm changes have spelt near death for previously high ranking websites! In the face of this seemingly Orwellian control over the fate of your website, how can you take some measure of power back? Quite easily as it happens.

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By Mark Gale on 2 April 2014 1 Comment

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