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The power of good copy (whatever that means)


This post was written by Sandy Lim


These days, you can’t roll out of bed without landing on some words. Every marketer, designer, writer and reader should be able to tell you what good copy entails. It feels right, sounds good and delivers results. The end.

Of course, there’s more to it.

And I must admit, I always feel uncomfortable when the subject of good copy comes up. Let me tell you why.

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By Sandy Lim on 31 March 2016 1 Comment

Bigger (square) thumbnails from the Instagram API


This post was written by Dan Barrett

When Instagram added the ability to upload non-square media images to their service, the only way to get a cropped version of the image from the API was via the thumbnail attribute from the media endpoint. Those familiar with the API would know that Instagram’s thumbnails are served at a rather small size of 150×150 which is alright in some cases, but if you need a larger thumbnail size a 150×150 image scales up very poorly.

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By Dan Barrett on 21 March 2016 2 Comments

Investing in design


This post was written by Jay Hollywood

Investing in design

The value of design in today’s world is unprecedented. It impacts everything around us, from business to culture and how we interact with each other. Good design can deliver better experiences, make our lives easier and solve real problems… but as designers, we often fall way short of our potential.

You’ll find many opinions in favour of using a particular typeface, utilising flat design or adopting the latest photoshop replacement to become a ‘good designer’, but you know what? None of this really matters. Design is about solving problems, and the responsibility of good design lies directly on the designer and their passion for their craft.

The (not so) secret to good design, and what separates a talented designer from the rest is the ability to get personally invested in a client, the work and the problem at hand. That is, designers who believe in the brief and the goals for the project will always be able to deliver a better outcome than those who are just ‘doing their job’.

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By Jay Hollywood on 29 February 2016 5 Comments

Welcome Sandy!


This post was written by Humaan

A big welcome to the newest Humaan and writer extraordinaire, Sandy Lim! A longtime friend, we’re really pleased to have Sandy join the team and extend our content, writing and tea drinking abilities. We asked Sandy our three questions below.

Welcome Sandy!

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.
When I was 13, my dad got us our first internet connection. Hundreds of dollars in dial-up and excess bandwidth charges later, I’m up til 3am learning how to make websites so I can publish my stories and crap teen poetry. I’ve done time in dev, design, product, content, UX – and now, I just write. :)

What are you most looking forward to?
Exploring new things with creative people. Then using what we learn to build cool stuff that can make a difference. And, most importantly, having fun.

What makes you Humaan?
A lovely partner, two cats, hobby room full of junk supplies treasure, and an ever-growing wishlist of new adventures. Plus a weekly game of indoor football to keep me sane.

By Humaan on 23 February 2016 No Comments

The Perth Device Lab is now open


This post was written by Humaan

The Perth Device Lab

The Perth Device Lab is open to the community for testing your web products on a range of mobile devices and operating systems. Open to the community, it’s a free space for you to come in and test your digital products on a growing range of mobile devices, simulators, and virtual machines.

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By Humaan on 10 February 2016 No Comments

An introduction to Three.js


This post was written by Chris Botman

Low poly mountains generated with Three.js

Last November, I gave a presentation to the Front End Web Developers group in Perth about 3D graphics using the JavaScript library Three.js. I knew most of the audience had not tried 3D before, so rather than just step through some Hello World code, I thought it would be more useful to give an overview of how 3D programming works.

This post covers the same topic, so if you are interested in 3D graphics programming but have never tried, this is for you. By the end you will know about the concepts involved in 3D programming. Other more hands-on Three.js tutorials will be easier to follow as you’ll recognise what all the bits are doing and how they fit into the big picture.

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By Chris Botman on 5 February 2016 11 Comments

Thanks 2015, you’ve been swell


This post was written by Humaan


The holiday season is nearly upon us and as huma(a)ns often do around this time, we find ourselves looking back at 2015 and acknowledging our achievements, favourite moments and milestones…

The Humaans moved office this year and we’re all loving our new digs in Northbridge. The open plan space bodes well for our collaboration and full scale nerf wars, though the array of food options has meant we’ve had to start a Slack fitness bot.

It's official!

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on

The rotating Friday arvo DJ roster is proving to be a highlight of the week. Even Sandra agrees…

@leekarolczak's favourite actress is now his desk buddy #dreamscancometrue

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on

We broke up with IE8 and wow did it feel good. Hopefully some of you chose to join us in the act. Oh and by the way, if you’re reading this IE9, you’re next.

This year we also built a Privacy Policy Generator to make your life a little bit easier. Check it out at Did you find the easter egg?

We’re grateful for the amazing bunch of clients and projects we’ve worked on throughout the year. Some of our sites won awards, and we were honoured to have received the awards amongst such strong competition. The quality of work this year from WA in particular has been outstanding.

Some of the Humaans made the journey to Sydney for Web Directions. A massive crew from Perth joined us over there for a rewarding and insightful couple of days.

2015 saw us say goodbye to a Humaan. We miss you Niaal! We did however make new friends too… hello there Jess and Dan. Our intern Dana in Design and our work experience student Alexa both hung out and impressed us all with their skills.

Huge welcome to our superstar intern @danaindesign, joining us for the next few weeks!

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on


As we get ready to close the office for a couple of weeks we can’t help but let out a bit of a squeal when thinking about what’s coming in 2016. We’ve got a couple of exciting projects bubbling up in the lab which we can’t wait to share with you and the Humaans are looking forward to see what the new year will bring in terms of new friends and new opportunities.

Something tasty has been cooking in the @wearehumaan labs! More to be announced soon…

A photo posted by Humaan (@wearehumaan) on

Stay safe over the holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and talk to you all in 2016!

By Humaan on 15 December 2015 No Comments

Using UUIDs with Eloquent in Laravel


This post was written by Dan Barrett


Warning! This is a development themed blog post and such it gets pretty technical. If that’s not your style, this might go over your head.

Recently there have been some interesting discussions and posts about the use of incrementing IDs in websites and whether that’s accidental information leakage or not. An excellent article by Phil Sturgeon showed that you can learn a lot about how much a service is being used with just a few minutes of investigation. An incrementing identifier (or ID) is an integer that starts at 1, and is increased by 1 each time a new record is saved to the database. A UUID (or universally-unique identifier), on the other hand, is a 36 character long identifier made up of 32 alphanumeric characters with four hyphens in amongst it. Due to the length of a UUID it is much more difficult to guess UUIDs, let alone figure out how many users have registered on a site.

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By Dan Barrett on 11 December 2015 9 Comments

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