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Prototyping & Working with Framer


This post was written by Dan Moore

Sketch of two devices

Here at Humaan we find prototyping to be a valuable asset to our everyday skillset, particularly in larger or more unique projects where concepts or ideas need validating, or when certain design elements can be better explained to our clients during a design presentation. It can provide something tangible for the client to play with and get a feel for while they mull over the design mockups being presented. It’s also useful for immediate user testing and gathering feedback before committing to a large development project.

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By Dan Moore on 11 August 2015 No Comments

Humaans and the web #1 – Cognition


This post was written by Paul Spencer


We dont want to think more than we have to. Navigating and understanding a website should be simple – the more choices, the harder we make the user work. The responsibility for meeting a users needs and wants rests purely with the structure of information.

By flooding the architecture of your page with content, you are overwhelming the senses. Digesting the material becomes difficult for the user and therefore you deliver a counterintuitive experience. Information should be restricted at first glance, yet provide clear paths for the user to explore content if they are interested in doing so. Research what your targeted demographic is seeking and optimise your content using a priority hierarchy.

Simplicity and efficiency are qualities that should be cultivated to provide great user experience.

By Paul Spencer on 2 November 2012 1 Comment

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