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Better Batt is an Australian based eCommerce company, specialising in the sale of affordable replacement batteries. While their products are functional, their story, team and desire to deliver the best customer experience is inspired.

While functional, their previous website was holding them back and they approached us to re-evaluate their presence and deliver an experience which better reflected their brand and ambitions.


A new identity

The strategy for the design would really focus on reflecting the true experience of the brand and their customer-first ethos, and this began with the identity. Injecting a vibrant culture and personality was the key and the end result was a mark that both reflected the functional nature of the product unified with the human connection of the brand.

BetterBatt - ExecutionBetterBatt - Execution
BetterBatt - Execution BetterBatt - Execution


The website design posed significant challenges. It needed to retain its focus on clarity and function while also reflecting the new identity. The intention was to push simplicity and function where possible, but also introduce elements of fun, colour and engagement throughout. The combination would provide a great balance of form and function.


A selection of interface elements for the new site


A sense of connection between Better Batt and their customers was attained through the holistic refresh, which also emphasises a positive brand experience.

BetterBatt Homepage BetterBatt About BetterBatt Product Page BetterBatt Product Category BetterBatt Product Category BetterBatt Product Category
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From the initial proposal to the finished design, the team at Humaan were prompt, professional and competent at every step of the way.

Good design isn't just about looking good, it's about delivering results. We'd put off redesigning our website and defining our brand identity for more than 12 months because we couldn't find an agency that we felt could walk the talk.

I'm happy to say that Humaan exceeded our expectations on every level and we now consider them an integral addition to our team.

Liam McCarroll, Founder. Better Batt

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