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A complete redesign of the marketing website for Boat Equity, targeting consumers looking to buy or manage a share in their boat.

Boat Equity homepage: from wireframe to conception


Boat Equity involves both the brokerage of shares in boats and a software system that allows boating syndicates to manage the partnership aspects of shared boat ownership.

While the product appeal was strong, the previous design did not adequately communicate the services and products to the target market. We determined that engaging imagery would support an aspirational aesthetic for users looking to buy a boat share, while a simple way of communicating how the software works would entice existing boat share owners.

Simple navigation and an easy-to-understand section on how the software works would be essential to cater for a range of purposes for visiting the site and making the user journey and discovery process as easy as possible. The inclusion of a more robust payment gateway would allow new customers to subscribe to the software system independently.

Demonstrating the features of the boat equity app


Through a fresh colour scheme, a clean UI and engaging imagery, we focused on portraying a sophisticated system that is all about helping users spend more time doing what they love.

Boat Equity style guide and image library


The primary focus of the website is the software, reducing exclusivity often connected with boat ownership and promoting the product as something simple, engaging and acheivable. The homepage offers an overview of Boat Equity at a glance, including strong imagery and an explanation of the software, while the deeper sections of the site explore the product and boat shares in more detail.

The streamlined navigation segments in an obvious way the target audience into customers who want to either buy or sell a boat share or those interested in the software itself. Brokers are an important part of the target audience also, though lesser in number, and these are well catered for.

Various calls to action are required throughout the site, whether to signup for a free trial or for brokers or buyers/sellers to make contact. Customers subscribing to the software system automatically renew and pay for monthly memberships via recurring payments.

The ability to access the website via mobile devices is essential for the target audience and, as with most modern websites, responsive design was a key focus.

Buying a share, on responsive devices
Boat Equity Homepage Boat Equity Buy a share Boat Equity Buy a share - Detail view Boat Equity Software Boat Equity Mobile
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The end result is a fresh, fun and appealing product that speaks directly to the target market and is accessible across any device. Users can quickly find information about the product, explore potential boat shares and sign themselves up to the Boat Equity system with ease.

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