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With a new product on the way, iiNet approached Humaan to create an innovative website to unveil their new baby and create a buzz with their customers.

budii examples


iiNet is Australia's #2 internet service provider, providing internet and telephony services and products throughout the country. They are known for their high levels of customer service and are consistently innovating with new products and services.

iiNet's latest product on the horizon was budii™, a feature rich modem that included a smartphone and wifi tablet that was soon to be publicly announced. A website was required to promote the upcoming product, detail its features and allow customers to pre-register for purchase.

Working closely with the team at iiNet, we developed an idea for a campaign that would tell an interactive story of the budii™ development using dynamic HTML5 technology to engage and impress users.

Screenshots of the Budii screen, after animation


The website would allow users to explore the device; from it's sleek design and it's unique technology, through to its comprehensive list of features. The new website would reflect the cutting edge technology of the device, while also providing a consistent experience for users on any device.

budii responsive examples


To encourage engagement and delight with the product and campaign, we incorporated many custom HTML5 components to promote features of the device. These interactions would help tell the story, encourage connection with the audience and provide insight into the technical features of the product.

Custom animation used in Budii. Custom animation used in Budii.

The outcome is an ambitious, responsive website that promotes the product and its features through a fully interactive, HTML5 powered experience. It included a number of unique components that tell the story of the new device and allow users to interact and explore the new product in a very visual manner.

The end result is a highly engaging website that effectively reflects the sophistication and technology of the budii™ and unveils it to the world in a very impressive manner. It was excellent to again be working with the very talented iiNet team on another challenging, rewarding and successful project.

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