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The industry leader in Real Estate marketing in Australia, Campaigntrack engaged us to refocus their digital strategy.



While functional, the previous Campaigntrack website didn't effectively promote the brand or the product offering of the company. In collaboration with the Campaigntrack team, we developed a strategy which would better reflect the direction, product and service offering, while also supporting a direct communication channel with their clients.

The new website would represent an evolution of the direction, better reflecting the relationship and offering to potential clients while also presenting a clean, engaging and modern experience for website visitors.



On average, the CampaignTrack system is used to manage roughly 308,000 different campaigns.









Finished Artwork


From the ground up, we reimagined the entire experience for the Campaigntrack website, focusing on an impressive experience, their product and service offering and ensuring there were clear pathways to action for key target audiences.

The blog plays a big part in the new website as well, interweaved throughout the site to build another communication channel and push Campaigntracks reputation further.

Campaigntrack Homepage Campaigntrack Landing Campaigntrack Content Campaigntrack Blog
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This was the 3rd time I'd enlisted Humaan's help with a client project within a few months, and as with all their work, it sure was a charm!

Campaigntrack was known as marketing technology for real estate agents. But with 12 marketing service lines, it is so much more than just software. My brief to Humaan was to help me establish a new brand identity pitched at the top echelon of real estate. Jess was my project liaison and it really felt like a collaboration. She maintained a high level of communication and expert attention to detail throughout.

A project well executed. An uplift in brand identity and product awareness, increase in web traffic by 50% and 5x more qualified internet leads a day.

Melanie Hoole, Marketing & Digital Strategist, Hoole Marketing

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