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Civmec is an Australian based, SGX listed construction and engineering company on the rise. Humaan were engaged by Civmec to create an innovative and unique online presence for the company, reflecting their growth, capabilities and values.

Screenshots of the Civmec website


The strategy developed for Civmec would aim to reinvent their online presence to reflect their ongoing emergence as a force in their industry sector. While the previous website was somewhat lacklustre, the new site would showcase their vast capabilities through an impressive aesthetic and engaging user experience.

In terms of design, we focused on promoting the Civmec brand through strong imagery and typography that would reflect their brand and vision. The website would also incorporate a responsive design with numerous HTML5 interactive elements to encourage exploration and promote content in a more interesting manner.

Elements of the Civmec branding.
Elements of the Civmec branding. Elements of the Civmec branding.


We took advantage of outstanding photography to develop a highly visual experience of the Civmec brand on the homepage and throughout the website.

Navigating through the website, the user is presented with deep insight into the company, its background, services and capabilities with highly bespoke page structures to promote content and engage the audience. Careful consideration is given to the structure, navigation and ways in which the audience wants to interact with the website across any device.

For existing and potential investors, an interactive stock chart, delayed stock feeds, and investor information provide an extended platform for clear financial information.

Elements of the Civmec branding.Design elements used throughout the Civmec project.
Civmec Homepage Civmec Board Civmec Capabilities Civmec Investor Area Civmec Project Page
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The outcome represents a huge leap forward for Civmec and their online communication, better reflecting the company's capabilities, experience and position. The new website elevates the Civmec brand and delivers a fantastic user experience on all devices, while the rich content backed up with unique design elements and interaction helps to promote core information to key audiences.

The end result is an innovative approach for this leading construction and engineering company, and sets a platform for growth well into the future.

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