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Domain recognised the need to augment its content strategy and target a broad cross section of the residential property market. They approached us to strategise, design and build their new blog to do just this.

The Domain Blog


While popular with content distributed nationally through newspapers and online, Domain identified a need to engage people at any stage of the property journey – whether renting, buying, selling or nesting. They envisioned a blog that would provide more appropriate content for these audiences in a way that would be easy to digest and make for a more personal, richer experience.

Alongside the Domain team, we strategised a solution that would offer a visually rich platform, allowing users to discover content easily, either by exploration or filtering by their own situation. The new blog had to be bright, bold and easy to digest lots of content while encouraging exploration and engagement.

Some examples from our moodboard

Grid testing and experimentation


With a large amount of great content ready to go, the blog came to life immediately upon launch. Appearing deceivingly simple, the new blog includes a robust content grid and numerous features that help promote the content and engage the audience with a focus on readability.

The blog helps to take the user through a journey, starting from the 'feature cover' of the blog, exposing the featured and most recent article through to the depth of content below. Content is prioritised both manually and automatically, encouraging fresh, popular and recommended content to come to the forefront. Users can also choose to navigate by interests, and dive into several larger guides (connected content) through the site.

As you'd expect, being able to view content across any device was paramount and responsive design was employed throughout to ensure that every user across all platforms has a great experience.

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With a large assortment of great content, the new Domain blog helps anyone in any stage of the property journey find informative and rewarding information in a way that is engaging, fun and encourages exploration.

It's been a great pleasure helping the blog establish and move in to its first home.

"I've sought Humaan's help on multiple projects and the creative input they bring, along with their build efficiency and ability to develop unique customer experiences within our budget has always surpassed my expectations.

As their name suggests they bring that human element to their designs. They translate what you ask for into an intuitive and enjoyable human interaction. They are ideas people and at the top of their game, so working with them was a breeze."

Melanie Hoole, Domain Group

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