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FORM is an exceptional non-profit cultural organisation who have long been advocating for the arts throughout Western Australia. FORM approached us to take a fresh approach to their online presence that would provide a better means to showcase the great work they were doing.

FORM Projects


With their previous website, FORM they felt they were unable to effectively communicate their brand or current projects through their online presence. They wanted to move forward in a way that truly represented the organisation and the diversity of projects and artists that they were involved with. In terms of design, this diversity of their project base and the connections between them really shone through and helped influence the overall visual strategy for the project.

FORM moodboard

Moodboard and sources of reference for FORM website


We worked closely with FORM to identify an aesthetic that truly reflected the organisation given the diversity of creative projects and the people they work with. The key was to be able to highlight a range of projects – each of which was unique and distinct in terms of style and aims – in a way that served the needs of each project yet didn't pigeon-hole the FORM brand as being defined by any one project in particular.

As an arts-focused organisation, we knew we could push the boundaries with design and interactivity to create a unique and memorable user experience while retaining key familiarity through a more familiar and intuitive navigation. Responsive design was highly recommended to ensure that the user experience would extend across all devices, providing a seamless experience for all visitors.

FORM uses responsive design techniques and works across all devices.
A uniquely designed events calendar on the FORM website.

Form's full width calendar

Abstract use of shapes to illustrate projects.

Custom interactive homepage device developed for the FORM website

FORM Homepage. FORM Homepage in network view. FORM homepage in list view. FORM events page. FORM Map view. FORM homepage in mobile view.
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The new FORM website helps to enhance and define the brand in a way that will allow them to continue to build creative capital in WA while still maintaining a distinct identity in their own right.

The website achieves the perfect balance between promoting FORM projects and artists and highlighting the organisation overall, whilst promoting fresh content throughout. The use of innovative HTML5 elements such as the project network and the 3D network on the homepage contrast well with familiar and clear means of navigation to create an experience that is inimitably connected to the FORM brand.

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