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As a leading not-for-profit organisation focused on providing care for people with all types of disability, Identitywa approached us to deliver an online presence that better reflected their personalised model of support that evolved with the client.

Screenshots of the Identitywa website

A new brand

Identitywa overhauled their brand identity as part of an overall organisation refresh. The website redesign would be influenced by the new branding while simultaneously bringing it to life digitally.

Elements of Identitywa's brand.


Working through the digital strategy, we developed an aesthetic that fit the recent brand refresh and extended it to the website in a way that captured the unique way they deliver vital services.

It was important for Identitywa to offer an easy way for different audiences, with a variety of purposes for visiting the website, to navigate through relevant but extensive content. A user friendly navigation, in conjunction with a quicklinks panel, would make for an intuitive journey through a well structured content hierarchy to access sought after information.

A responsive design was essential to fully capture a diverse target audience and the contemporary ways in which they access the web across all devices and screen sizes.

Identitywa utilises responsive design and works across all devices.

The website foregrounds the personalised model of care that adapts to a client's changing circumstances over time. This focus on the individual differentiates Identitywa from other organisations that are predominantly "service-led".

An example of a breakout design from Identitywa.

The design was carefully executed through every page of the website to reinforce the brand and deliver a unique but unified presence

Icon design for Identitywa

Iconography developed for the Identitywa website

Content management

Given the depth of content and evolving nature of the organisation, a content management system was required that would be flexible to grow and easy to use. Additional requirements, such as an integrated staff portal which would provide individual staff access to relevant material and content also needed to be seamlessly integrated and easy to manage. Wordpress proved to be a perfectly suited CMS for the project, providing efficient content management tools for numerous site editors and allowing the flexibility to grow with the organisation.

Wordpress Content Management
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The revitalised Identitywa website has been overwhelmingly well received by all of the organisation's stakeholders. It establishes a a clearly defined identity and strong point of difference from other disability care organisations.

Aesthetically, structurally and functionally the new website meets the needs of a diverse audience while offering easy accessibility to a wide range of content viewable on any device.

Visit the all new Identitywa

"It was a complete pleasure working with Jay, Mark and the Humaan team on the Identitywa website. At the outset, they conceptualised the purpose of the site with great clarity. Their designs beautifully captured our personalised approach to support and brought to life our new branding guidelines. The site is clever in its simplicity. It makes a lot of information seem like a little and keeps accessibility front of mind – an important requirement for us. Form and function. Style and substance. Humaan covers off on both areas with great skill.

Throughout the development process, Humaan maintained clear communication, professionalism and a high level of customer focus. The end result is a vibrant website that helps lift Identitywa into a more contemporary space. We’re proud to show it off and look forward to continuing our relationship with the Humaan team."

Tania Clarke, Communications Officer, Identitywa

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