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Mideast Tunes is a platform for underground musicians in the Middle East and North Africa to promote their music, using the service as a tool for social change.

We were approached by our long time client Mideast Youth to reimagine the Android and iOS experience, taking a native approach to both platforms and promote a significantly better user experience throughout.

As well as rebuilding the apps from the ground up, we would also introduce new features such as user login, playlists, multi-lingual support, integrated music playing and social sharing.

Mideast tunes


The discovery process was led with a desire to keep the UI simple, functional and impressive. Using the established Mideast Tunes brand, we went back to the drawing board and considered a UI that would remove overheads, providing a much more seamless and intuitive experience. One of the big feature additions would be the multi-lingual approach (with Arabic being read right-to-left), and much of the thinking was led with this in mind.

Mideast tunes - Discovery

Exploration, research and moodboarding


The apps have been brought to life with an overhauled UI and experience throughout, utilising a similar theme across both platforms but leaning on key interface paradigms to support intuitive experiences depending on the OS. The new apps are significantly faster, offer more stability and a smaller footprint (thanks to the native approach) and ultimately provide a hugely improved overall experience for discovering and listening to music.

New feature highlights include backwards compatibility all the way to Android 2.3.3, right-to-left screen layouts, user account login, background and lockscreen music control, Airplay and bluetooth speaker compatibility, playlists, favorite artists, recommended artists, social sharing, notifications and hardware controls, responsive UI and direct feedback among many other additions and improvements.

Mideast tunes - Execution


Mideast Tunes is now available as a free download, get it today on iOS or Android.

Download our app on the Apple store Download our app on the Apple store
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The outcome is a completely refreshed experience built upon a rethought and reengineered framework across both Android and iOS. The new apps provide better support, stability and are feature rich, ultimately delivering a great new experience for users to discover and listen to music across the Mideast Tunes library of artists and music.


Download our app on the Apple store Download our app on the Apple store

"Mideast Tunes is the largest platform for underground musicians in the Middle East and North Africa. Launched in 2010, the site went through many iterations as we had to quickly keep up with the latest technology and design standards in order to provide our users with the best possible experience.

Our last iteration was in 2012, at the time our mobile apps were riddled with bugs, our site's design was outdated, and we had a lot of catching up to do. Having worked with Humaan on numerous other projects, we knew they'd be a great fit for our rebrand, redesign, and mobile app development. The mobile apps were developed from scratch and we've just relaunched on both iOS and Android to amazing reviews and feedback. Apart from a huge redesign, the apps also included lots of new features, and is now available in both English and Arabic. This was a great challenge that took a lot of hard work and effort to finally overcome and we couldn't be happier with the results."

Esra'a Al Shafei – Director, Mideast Youth

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