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The Office of John Cheese needed a great website. We obliged.

Screenshots of the John Cheese homepage and about page


The Office of John Cheese is a busy digital post-production house in Perth with a diverse client base. So busy in fact that they hadn't ever got around to getting a website built.

The eclectic collection of brand elements would need to convey a holistic sense of brand engagement through the website design. At the same time, visitors to the website would need to be able to find clear information on the services on offer without the brand story presenting a distraction.

We discussed an approach that would allow John Cheese to display their work and personality through the website in way that would reflect their brand. A full screen approach that would take advantage of HTML5 techniques, incorporate numerous interactive elements and work across any size screen was the way forward.

Screenshots of the John Cheese contact map


An animated, bold image of the enigmatic John Cheese captures attention on the homepage and the simple navigation structure directs the user to the various website sections with a single click. The portfolio pages offer a clear sense of the work and the digital production capabilities within The Office of John Cheese, while the About and Contact page immerse the viewer deeper into in the brand experience.

Of course, The Office of John Cheese website experience is also optimised for mobile devices through responsive design.

John Cheese Homepage John Cheese Stills Page John Cheese About Page John Cheese Movies Page John Cheese Contact Page
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The outcome is a very unique website, driven by the personality of the brand and an immersive experience throughout. While the structure is simple, the content is rich and offers a very rewarding experience for the audience.

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