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Software company Pixellu approached us to redesign their website, as they prepared to launch a new version of their flagship product, Smart Albums.

Pixellu Website Assets


Pixellu needed to communicate a refreshed brand through a website that aligned with their core values of great design. The website’s primary goal would be to promote their feature product, Smart Albums, a photo album creation tool for professional photographers, which has been widely praised for its ease of use.

Collaborating closely with the client, we developed a plan that would present Smart Albums as the core focus of the new website, incorporating engaging interactions and visuals to bring its features to life. Pixellu's target audience would have high expectations for great visual design, so an outstanding aesthetic was paramount.

Pixellu case study image 1 Pixellu case study image 4

A clean design defines the revitalised Pixellu website, offering clarity and a strong sense of brand character. The homepage showcases Smart Albums through interactive animation and establishes identity with the target audience through image choice and value propositions.

Pixellu case study image 2

The interactive journey continues through the features page to demonstrate the simplicity and ease-of-use of Smart Albums, as well as the powerful solutions it provides. Attention to detail in both design and implementation reinforces the main selling points of Smart Albums, thus enhancing brand engagement.

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