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Proteus, a recognised leader in the game-changing field of digital health, approached us to reinvent their website.

Proteus Website Assets

Discovery & Strategy

Before the redesign, Proteus’ website struggled to reflect the company's position as an innovator in digital health. They needed to form a stronger connection with their target audience, who were not yet accustomed to a digital lifestyle, and looked to us to carry their online presence forward. The key would be to communicate a simple experience appealing to a diverse target audience, and providing an overview of their flagship product, Proteus Discover.

Our strategy focused on promoting the overall experience and understanding of the company and its core products, in a clear and engaging manner. The aim was to ensure a typical user would come away with a strong sense of the vision and values that drive Proteus to revolutionise healthcare through digital medicine.

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The new website incorporated focused, informative messaging and modern design to direct audience attention and create a personal connection with the brand. From the outset, users are made aware of value propositions around the transformative nature of Proteus' approach to digital health.

The benefits and features of Proteus Discover are made obvious in a simple, clean look and feel. To simplify the user journey, we kept the overall site structure deliberately lean, allowing a diverse target audience - consisting of patients, healthcare professionals, and policy decision-makers within the health system - to easily find content relevant to their needs.

Thoughtful interactivity is employed to tell the story of how Proteus Discover works, and to introduce prospective employees to the benefits of joining the Proteus team. This user engagement approach was made possible only through the emphasis on clarity of design.

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