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The WA Centre for Health Promotion Research, a research centre within Curtin University's School of Public Health, had developed an online alcohol intervention survey called THRIVE, which aimed to estimate the prevalence of hazardous drinking among students.

While the survey itself was effective in gathering data, the overall design was significantly lacking and did not encourage high participation rates or deliver a compelling user experience. The application itself required an overhaul, and a better system was required to manage partner access and reporting.

Screenshots of the Thrive Alcohol Survey website


After discussing opportunities with the client, we felt the best approach would be to redevelop the system into an integrated application that would allow internal management or partner distributions, reporting and access. The survey would be redeveloped to suit a responsive approach and include an aesthetic better suited to the demographic of University students.

Sources of inspiration for the design of Thrive.

Snapshot of Thrive moodboard


From a visual point of view we started with the brand identity, focusing on a more modern approach that would develop the style for the application and better incorporate the purpose of the survey.

Original and new Thrive logo

Original logo and new logo

Custom illustrations and icons

Engagement was key for the new platform and as part of the visual language we developed a custom set of icons to engage the audience and further the brand.

Humaan designed a suite of custom icons for the Thrive alcohol survey.


We recognised the need for a user interface that appealed to the student demographic (16-25 year olds) in a way that provided an intuitive means of interacting with the survey and an engaging user experience. An interface that would provide a simple way to progress and promote delight amongst the audience, as well as a fully responsive design were key to the execution of the application.

Thrive on a mobile device Thrive Survey – All about You Thrive Survey – Past and present drinking Thrive Survey – Evaluation
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The final result is a significantly more engaging and usable interface to support the aims of the program and therefore contribute to the reduction in alcohol-related harms. The custom icons and other illustrations, as well as the vibrant colours and animations used, greatly enhanced the user experience. The ability to access the survey on mobile devices will also maximise participation rates in the survey.

The new platform provides a flexible system to manage partners and access, as well as provide a much deeper insight into the survey and outcomes. As Thrive continues to evolve and to extend to a broader audience, we hope to continue our association with Jonathan and Kristen and the team to support the great work they’re doing.

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