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As part of a major brand and facilities update, Mindarie Marina engaged Humaan to rethink their digital presence.

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Mindarie Marina is a popular destination for many different types of people, well known throughout Perth's north for its waterfront lifestyle and great selection of food, drink, entertainment and high quality accommodation. It had been a landmark location in the area for years, and was ready for a vibrant new style that resonated with today’s audiences.

A new brand would reimagine the overall experience, led on the digital front by a new website promoting the life and energy of the Marina through a clean, modern aesthetic and engaging online content.

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The Strategy

A thorough analysis revealed key audiences, opportunities and challenges for the project. We needed to directly address issues of audience awareness, perception of location, and brand association to better promote the Marina to a wider range of visitors.

Our strategy was to create an online hub, bringing together the Marina’s previously separate websites under a single banner: 'Visit Mindarie'. The new website would offer a consistent and engaging user experience that stayed true to each Marina sub-brand.

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Design & UX

The new design would be cleaner, with balanced layouts and distinctly defined elements, enticing audiences with emotional prompts and engaging photography. Copy would be scrutinised across the board, ensuring key messages were communicated clearly and meaningfully to offer users a richer experience. While each section of the new website would be defined by its own aesthetic, we would uphold an overall consistency in brand, colour, space, voice and experience.

Seamlessly optimising this approach for desktop, tablet and mobile would be paramount. The outcome would be highly visual and engaging, providing clear calls to action, intuitive navigation and a delightful journey for every user.

Mindarie Website Components


The new Visit Mindarie website delivers an exceptional experience on any device; a rewarding visit for both newcomers and regular visitors alike. Meaningful and informative content is presented in a visual manner that promotes the message, brand and experience of visiting Mindarie. Users looking for specific information, such as a menu or accommodation booking, now find a clear path to fulfilling the purpose of their visit.

The overall site experience is connected and consistent, offering a fresh and vibrant outlook that supports the new Mindarie Marina brand.

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