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WA Music (WAM) play a crucial role in championing Western Australia's contemporary music industry. We redesigned their website to create a revitalised online presence and to give voice to their refreshed brand in the digital space.

Screenshots of the WAM website


A complete overhaul of the WAM online presence would ensure better outcomes for members, engage stakeholders and clearly communicate the new brand. An emphasis on clarity would be important to remedy the confusing user experience of the previous website, as well as a more functional and better structured members portal.

In terms of design, a highly visual approach would reinforce WAM's brand identity, tap into their passion for promoting local music and delight website users.

WAM's new brand identity

WAM's new brand identity by 303 Lowe and partial image library


With a lot of diverse content and regular website updates around news, events, social media etc, an easy means of navigating the website is essential. We developed a clear navigation and worked closely with WAM to identify the information hierarchy that best suits the user's experience.

As a member focused organisation, it is vital that the WAM website offer increased benefit for this core audience. So, we streamlined the members resources section to make it more user friendly. We also built a sophisticated online membership sign up section to allow website users to sign up to any one of multiple membership categories and pay online. This immediately helped create efficiencies with regard to administration time and reporting.

With mobile browsing among the target audience particularly high, it was imperative to create a compelling and seamless experience on mobile devices. Given the amount of content on the site a great mobile experience was paramount.

The features on the WAM homepage.

Above: A snapshot of WAM’s social space, lots of CSS trickery here!
Below: Elements from the website

Feature elements used in the design of the WAM website.
WAM Homepage WAM What We Do WAM Festival WAM News WAM Events WAM Membership
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With an engaging aesthetic, optimised user experience and integrated platform, the website presents a new era in communication for the organisation and offers flexibility for growth in the future. The final outcome is a fantastic new website that enables WAM to take their service delivery to the next level.

Visit the all new WAM

"Without Humaan opening up the possibilities for us with their immense knowledge and capability, there's no way we'd have the website we do. Seamlessly integrating design and usability from an end user and internal management perspective (a benefit from all being done in-house) we now have a website that is drawing the hits and responses that we were looking for. They really went above and beyond."

Jessica Thomas, WAM

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