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By Humaan

15 December 2015

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The holiday season is nearly upon us and as huma(a)ns often do around this time, we find ourselves looking back at 2015 and acknowledging our achievements, favourite moments and milestones…

The Humaans moved office this year and we’re all loving our new digs in Northbridge. The open plan space bodes well for our collaboration and full scale nerf wars, though the array of food options has meant we’ve had to start a Slack fitness bot.

It's official!

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The rotating Friday arvo DJ roster is proving to be a highlight of the week. Even Sandra agrees…

@leekarolczak's favourite actress is now his desk buddy #dreamscancometrue

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We broke up with IE8 and wow did it feel good. Hopefully some of you chose to join us in the act. Oh and by the way, if you’re reading this IE9, you’re next.

This year we also built a Privacy Policy Generator to make your life a little bit easier. Check it out at Did you find the easter egg?

We’re grateful for the amazing bunch of clients and projects we’ve worked on throughout the year. Some of our sites won awards, and we were honoured to have received the awards amongst such strong competition. The quality of work this year from WA in particular has been outstanding.

Some of the Humaans made the journey to Sydney for Web Directions. A massive crew from Perth joined us over there for a rewarding and insightful couple of days.

2015 saw us say goodbye to a Humaan. We miss you Niaal! We did however make new friends too… hello there Jess and Dan. Our intern Dana in Design and our work experience student Alexa both hung out and impressed us all with their skills.

Huge welcome to our superstar intern @danaindesign, joining us for the next few weeks!

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As we get ready to close the office for a couple of weeks we can’t help but let out a bit of a squeal when thinking about what’s coming in 2016. We’ve got a couple of exciting projects bubbling up in the lab which we can’t wait to share with you and the Humaans are looking forward to see what the new year will bring in terms of new friends and new opportunities.

Something tasty has been cooking in the @wearehumaan labs! More to be announced soon…

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Stay safe over the holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and talk to you all in 2016!

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