This post was written by Jay Hollywood

By Jay Hollywood

20 May 2014


Almost two years since we unveiled the second incarnation of our website, we’re really excited to present the all new – a presence which better reflects our evolution as an agency, our voice and our focus on human interaction.

We started this process almost a year ago – first planning the evolution of our brand (a more detailed post on that is coming shortly) and then looking at how this translated to our website. Over time, our thinking has evolved and we’ve refined a number of components throughout. That time has enabled us to deliver the final outcome which you see today, one which we’re all very proud of. We hope you enjoy.

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  • Dan Moore

    Literally saw it change in front of my eyes! Looking rad Humaan’s, really digging the new site!

  • MathieuRbrt

    Always on top!

  • Philip L

    Gorgeous, you guys killed it with this redesign. Nice work.

  • dkanderson

    Humaan sets the bar pretty high, I have been a fan of your work for a while now and this site has really inspired me to step up my game and reminds me why I absolutely love the web. Great Job.