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By Humaan

10 February 2015

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A big welcome to Jessica Stanley, the newest humaan and our new Project Manager. Jess brings a wealth of experience to the team from her time managing branding projects on the east coast, as well as some of the finest chocolate brownies we’ve tasted. We asked Jess the three questions below.


Tell us about yourself and how you got here.
From a very young age I loved the concept that design and marketing can effect emotions and motivations. That lead me to completing a degree in Marketing and PR. Still confused as to what I wanted to do, I headed off to Melbourne for some adventures and inspiration. Besides coffee for less than $4 and walking to the MCG on a Friday night to enjoy a Collingwood vs Carlton grudge match, my experience at a leading design agency helped define my passions. Digital agencies were pushing design into places I never knew existed, seriously exciting.

A couple of months after arriving home to Perth, my dream job (Project Manager at Humaan) was posted on Facebook by a good friend and from what I could tell they were definitely the cool kids on the block. Super excited for the year ahead with these extremely talented humans.

What are you most looking forward to?
I look forward to being a part of such a close knit team that is continuously kicking goals and pushing the boundaries in the digital space. It is also very exciting to be in the digital industry where anything’s possible.

What makes you Humaan?
The constant witty and sometimes inappropriate banter between me and my besties, the loving but strictly meme-based relationship I have with my brother and hanging out with my family usually yelling at reality TV shows (Why have you not practised cooking this dish before the grand final?!?!?!). I also like to dabble in the sport of hockey with the mighty North Coast Raiders.

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