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2017, it’s (almost) a wrap.

20 December 2017

We expected big things from 2017, but nothing quite like this.

Since January, we’ve been absorbed in projects, products, side quests, hobbies, food and fitness outings. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a fine spectrum of clients from around Australia and all over the world, launching 34 digital products (websites, apps and other digital things) over the last 12 months.

We were humbled and honoured by the results of the 2017 Australian Web Awards, seeing our team take out 6 of the 9 award categories, including the prestigious and highly coveted McFarlane Prize for Site of the Year. We’re grateful to every client who gave us the freedom to do truly outstanding work — it was an incredible feeling to have our efforts validated like this.

Campaign Brief even named us runner-up Agency of the Year over some steep competition!

We were thrilled to finally launch our new website, reflecting how we’ve grown as a team and an agency over the last few years.

the new Getterms homepage

We also relaunched one of our side projects, Getterms.io, a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy generator, with a host of new customisable policy options written in plain-speaking, human language.

The Perth Device Lab celebrated its first birthday, upped its device count to 24, and saw a slew of smokin’ hot visitors, including StartupWA, North Metro Tafe, South Metro Tafe, Curtin University, VisAbility, Free Code Camp, SPEQS and the Codemaster Institute.

Headshots of Matt and Teegan, and a group shot of the team at Dan's farewell

We said farewell to Dan B; welcomed two new Humaans, Matt and Teegan; and wished a happy 5th humaaniversary to our boy Paul. This year also saw a talented group of interns bring their fresh perspectives to the team — Caleb, Liam, Alysia, Luke, Liv and Erin, it was a pleasure to have you join us!

What else? Back in April, we hosted a talk about creative side projects as part of the Australian Design Festival. In October, we hung out with cats and coders and supported Geek Mental Help Week.

We’ve also been painting pots and greening up the office,

…watching what we eat,

…and playing well together like nice children.

group shots of the team at indoor skydiving, atop Bluff Knoll, playing in Hyde Park, and strolling through Northbridge

This year has been our biggest yet, and we hope you’ve had a good run too. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a bright and beautiful new year!

❤️ Jay, Karen, Lee, Paul, Mark, Dedy, Kylie, Chris, Jesse, Dan M, Jess, Sandy, Matt and Teegan.


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