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Humaan 2019 Christmas Card Icecream!

2019 – anything but vanilla.

19 December 2019

Our 2019 has been huge. Here’s the scoop:

Clients and projects

We’ve worked with over 100 clients and teams throughout the year, hailing from a diverse spread of industries. We were thrilled to contribute our expertise to help household names like ABN Group, Curtin University and Seven West Media with new digital projects, and to public-good organisations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation and APM.

We launched a total of 25 sites throughout the year, with some of the highlights including:

  • Wesley College, an innovative new website winning the national Education award at this year’s Aus Web Awards;
  • Scitech, a project of epic proportions for an inspiring STEM brand;
  • Bonfire, and not just because we got to work with friends — read the full story;
  • ABN Group, six completely separate websites across a suite of brands were the perfect benchmarks for our strategic process; and finally,
  • The West Classifieds, a refined and functional UI with a focus on UX, through an ongoing collaboration with the pros at Seven West Media.

Our work took out three categories and seven finalist placements at the AWIA Australian Web Awards 2019. To say we were stoked would be an understatement, especially after receiving the Internet’s second-highest honour of two Webby Award nominations for Ferox and PUBLIC Silo.

Humaans in the wild

This year, front-ender Teegan attended Perth’s Web Accessibility Camp in February, bringing back a smögåsbord of good accessibility lessons to share with the team (and with our readers).

DT and Sandy hung out at the Fenders Mental Health night, devouring fantastic talks on psychological self-care by local speakers (DT also contributed his talents as the Fenders videographer).

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Throwback to an evening of real-talk, relatable stories and practical life wisdom from experienced hands at the Fenders Perth #MentalHealthWeek meetup. @niaalist revealed how today’s media and pluralistic ignorance work together to feed a culture where the most accomplished people still feel unworthy #impostorsyndrome 🏆 @hlnbee talked about self-care and shared how she reclaimed her life after a PTSD diagnosis. 💜 @loveperthlife blogger Nora recounted how chasing experiences instead of material things filled the inner emptiness she encountered during a quarter-life crisis #loveperthlife 🐝 Designer Kristy Sachse explored the emotion and phenomenon of shame, the effect it has on the brain, and the impact it has on our society. 🌯 Developer Anton Ball took us for a data-informed ride through his research of how to make commuting a better experience. 🚴🏻‍♂️

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Kristy was our most active industry explorer this year, hitting up five flavours of design events in WA and interstate, including a convoy with Teegan, Jay and Callum to the AWIA Australian Web Awards night in Queensland.

Teegan, Jay, Callum and Kristy celebrate the wins at AWIA Web Awards 2019

Social Club

In between all the things, it was a tricky task to find our chill. But we rose to the challenge, favouring local delights like the Scotto Quiz Night; in-house treats like chocolate sampling, wine tasting and a brand new wellness station; and wholesome group activities like #WorldVeganMonth, The Book of Mormon 😏 and a new tradition of birthday lunch outings.

Team talk

Our moustachioed pros Chris 👨🏻 and Dan 👨🏼‍🦰 celebrated their 5th humaaniversaries this year with lawn bowls, festive summer curries and a South American street food cooking bonanza.

As a team, we celebrated our 9th birthday, welcomed four new humaans — Matt G, Sharné, Luke and DT — to the fold, and took on a host of talented interns, Chloe, Sandra, Eamon, Matt and Jill.

But 2019 was bookended by farewells. First, to our beloved Kylie, who left Perth for a new basecamp in San Francisco. Then to Matt G — his time with us was enjoyably sweet, but far too short.

2019, a year of maturity

Overall, 2019 was a year of introspection, refinement and maturing as an agency. With a bigger team and higher expectations on ourselves, we committed to improving our skills, our approach, and our processes. We gorged on every flavour in the window, dipped our soft serve in every bowl at the toppings bar, split every banana with three scoops or more of what we do best.

We’re ready for a new challenge, gazing into the new year with an upsized waffle cone and a 3 gallon bucket list of experiences and opportunities. 2020’s so close we can taste it.

A hand holds a melting strawberry sorbet

Wherever you are, however you celebrate, we wish you all the best for the Christmas season, and a very happy new year.

❤️ Jay, Karen, Lee, Paul, Mark, Dedy, Chris, Dan, Jess, Sandy, Matt, Teegan, Callum, Monty, Kristy, Sharné, Luke and DT 🍨

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