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2020 — A recap

14 December 2020

Well now… 2020 was not what we expected it to be. From the global pandemic to widespread social upheaval, this is one year that history won’t forget in a hurry.

But in spite of it all, we still had a beachin’ time…

10 years and counting…

This is the year that marked Humaan’s 10th birthday. To adhere to social distancing guidelines, we celebrated this once-in-a-lifetime milestone with the launch of a brand new identity, website and showreel.

From Humaan 2020: 10 years and a facelift:

We examined our 10-year roadmap, why we exist, our values and brand personality, as well as any visual elements we associated with the brand… The way we represent ourselves today, across our brand, identity, and website, feels true to our values and our culture after 10 years in business.

Once WA’s lockdown lifted, we followed up with a big move to a brand new office, putting down roots, potting up plants, and painting personalised pictures on our walls.

Clients and projects

This year, we worked with over 80 clients and teams across Australia in a range of industries – from pink diamonds to seafood; sexual health to finance; groceries to education. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve delivered throughout, which hasn’t missed a beat.

Introducing ComicA11y!

Our multi-talented front-ender and illustrator, Paul Spencer, led the charge on ComicA11y, an accessibility experiment aiming to achieve an all-inclusive online comic reading experience.

While still in its early days, we hope to explore how ComicA11y could work out-of-the-box for comic artists and publishers in future.

Humaans in the wild home

Achievements unlocked! Our front-ender Teegan levelled up her accessibility chops with a professional certification from the Centre for Inclusive Design. Meanwhile, superstar production manager Jess sharpened her skills on RMIT’s digital marketing strategy course.

Just last month, we got to check out some clever web projects when the Curtin design grads came to visit. Each year, we’re blown away by the style, ingenuity and fresh perspective from these star creatives of the future. You can check out their work at Curtin Design Graduation Show: Disruption 2020.

Social club (and social good)

From Zoom chats spanning across cities to appropriately distanced drinks in our new digs, the year provided many novel twists to how the team played together.

But as soon as pub lunches were back on the cards, we spent many a Friday unwinding safely and supporting local.

This was also the year we founded our Social Good club, championed by our long-time dev Chris. While we’ve always kept an eye out for how we can give back to the community, this officially in-house club will help formalise our efforts and make it easier to start necessary conversations. We’re currently chatting with collaborators about our first Social Good activity next year.

Team talk

Jess, our superstar production manager, hit her 5th humaaniversary in January, so we celebrated with one of her favourite things — an evening of brews and great banter.

We also welcomed two new humaans — designer Georgie and PM Claudia — to the team, and hung out with some of Perth web’s finest new talent in interns Alvin, Eamon, Sam, Lisa and Charmaine.

Goodbyes are always hard, and the farewells of 2020 were no exception. Callum, Luke, Monty and Sharné left to follow their dreams in other places. We consider ourselves very lucky to have worked with them.

2020, a year of tenacity

2020 wasn’t quite an ocean breeze, but we’re not salty about it. More than anything, the year gave us an opportunity to test our new processes, our relationships, and our ability to collaborate and support each other over distance.

As a team, as a global community, we learned big lessons this year. Most important of all? That how we treat people has a direct impact on the results we get. We take this very much to heart and look forward to a brighter, better future.

Wherever you are, however you celebrate, we wish you all the best for the Christmas season and a very happy new year.

❤️ Jay, Karen, Lee, Paul, Mark, Dedy, Chris, Dan, Jess, Sandy, Matt, Teegan, Kristy, DT, Georgie and Claudia 🏝

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