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Tracking Envoyer Releases in Sentry

11 October 2016

Tracking down bugs can be hard. Damn hard. And figuring out how or when they cropped up in the first place can be even harder. Recently, we launched our social media aggregator platform, Waaffle. It's written ...

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LocalStorage is for Fun

In case you’ve been living under a rock, LocalStorage is a JavaScript API that allows you to store content in the browser’s cache and access it later on when you need it. Similar to how cookies...

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Using UUIDs with Eloquent in Laravel

11 December 2015

Warning! This is a development themed blog post and such it gets pretty technical. If that’s not your style, this might go over your head. Recently there have been some interesting discussions and posts about the...

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Getting started with webpack and React, ES6 style

3 September 2015

We’re working on a little side project here at Humaan, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out some new-ish frameworks and build tools. For a while now, React and webpack have...

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HTTP/2 and You

This article gets pretty techy! If that doesn’t sound like your bag, here’s a quick summary: the HTTP network protocol has existed since the early days of the web, and it’s about to be succeeded by HTTP/2...

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