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A guide to socialising for the socially awkward

I’ve always struggled with social interaction. The thought of having to mingle with a room of complete strangers never fails to inspire apprehension. How the hell do you go up to a stranger and start a...

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Breaking Down the Online Language Barrier

 Coming from a developed country, I take the internet for granted. For good or bad my life basically depends upon it. The lifestyle and profession I have chosen rely heavily on the internet and the connectivity it...

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Custom HTML Markers with Google Maps

26 November 2014

Given the wealth of knowledge available on the Google Maps Javascript API it came as a surprise in our experience at Humaan that it was difficult to find information regarding one very important feature – Custom...

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PHP and the Dropbox API

Dropbox’s API is a powerful feature of an already handy service. However, being primarily a PHP developer I was a little disappointed that they didn’t include an official SDK for this platform and what third-party libraries...

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