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Why we recommend WordPress

1 August 2017

Most people still think of WordPress as just a blogging platform. Although that’s how it started back in 2003, it’s since grown to become a solution for large scale media portals, eCommerce sites, business sites, portfolios, ...

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Anatomy of a Successful Web Project

All successful web projects have one thing in common: a genuine collaboration between agency and client. Sure, great design and development are a necessity, but these should be a first principle for any professional agency. It...

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Client Side: The Project Brief

Businesses are increasingly looking toward the digital space to provide competitive advantages and to communicate with their audience in strategic ways. The ability to precisely target an audience, the measurability of digital strategies and the ...

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At the Mercy of Google

2 April 2014

Google is great for users, it instantly provides us anything we need to know right at our fingertips. However, from a business point of view their near monopolistic hold on online search means Google ‘own’ how...

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