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How good design shows your brand is credible

Let’s consider what we expect when we engage with a brand… A functional product. Respectful customer service. Honest communication. Sound familiar? Seems safe to say we don’t go into a transaction hoping for a substandard outcome....

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The importance of UX in e-commerce

7 February 2017

Let’s talk about shopping cart abandonment. That’s when visitors leave your site without making a purchase. It’s a big bugbear for e-commerce businesses, potentially translating to thousands in lost revenue each year. Almost 70% of online...

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Accessibility means designing for yourself too

17 January 2017

Accessibility is most commonly associated with designing for “people with disabilities”. And even when we talk about it being for “everyone”, the concept is still so abstract, it tends to carry the idea that accessibility is...

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The power of good copy (whatever that means)

31 March 2016

These days, you can’t roll out of bed without landing on some words. Every marketer, designer, writer and reader should be able to tell you what good copy entails. It feels right, sounds good and delivers...

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Breaking Down the Online Language Barrier

 Coming from a developed country, I take the internet for granted. For good or bad my life basically depends upon it. The lifestyle and profession I have chosen rely heavily on the internet and the connectivity it...

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At the Mercy of Google

2 April 2014

Google is great for users, it instantly provides us anything we need to know right at our fingertips. However, from a business point of view their near monopolistic hold on online search means Google ‘own’ how...

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Humaans and the Web #5 – Once upon a time…

Telling stories is inherently human; they are entrenched into our culture and history. More importantly though, we relate to stories. It can sometimes be a struggle to recall and explain factual information from memory. However, it’s...

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Humaans and the web #3 – The power of Persuasion

The decisions made when approaching the design of a project have a tremendous effect on the way users interact with the content and where they are likely to navigate. Less is more. Users are more likely...

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