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Hey 2018, it’s been bananas!

18 December 2018

Why bananas? Why not.

This year’s been a bunch of fun on all fronts. We worked with over 80 clients, both new and long-term (including ourselves), launching 28 all-new websites, apps and digital products aimed at audiences across the globe.

Check out a selection of this year’s highlights.

In June, we launched a fresh suite of GetTerms.io content, including the frequently requested Mobile App policy. To date, we’ve helped over 1,500 businesses create their own privacy policies, primed and ready for the GDPR. We’re proud that GetTerms.io has now generated over 100,000 free and paid policies since launch.

Seeking adventure out of the house, our designer Kylie spoke at the AGDA/TDK Fresh Mints event in April, and joined the Australian Design Radio Podcast’s Perth panel in July.

And we’re proud as tropical punch about our Kristy winning a Distinction for her student work at the AGDA Awards 2018.

Dedy, Mark and Kylie celebrated their 5th humaaniversaries with sweet games, strong drinks and… cheese? Right behind them, we celebrated our 8th birthday; adopted new humaans Callum, Monty and Kristy; and saw the talented Sam Wee intern with us in the last few months of the year.

Collage of Humaan birthday festivities: games, wine, cheese and cheery people

The Device Lab turned two years old, and saw a lot of love from local visitors, having nabbed a recommendation from Dr. Jo Jung, the Games & Interactivity Coordinator at Edith Cowan University. Over the past twelve months, we’ve entertained 22 individual bookings in our humble testing space, including our first visitor for dedicated accessibility testing.

Special thanks to the Multimedia Design students from Curtin University and The Design Kids’ #TDKTuesdays crew for hanging with us too. Always a pleasure, guys!

We upped the ante on family life with fun times at Fringe, weekly fitness sessions, book clubs, shredded skate sessions (no injuries! 😅), culture club, sugary snack runs, summer sundowners and a weekend road trip down to Albany, WA.

Collage of team social gatherings

But of course, life has its funny way with everyone. The family that plays together can’t always stay together.

Hawaiian shirt group shot from Jesse's farewell dinner

Back in March, we bid a teary farewell to our front-end dev and Device Lab instigator, Jesse Yuen, who headed for the greener pastures and greyer skies of Old London Town.



And after Christmas, we’ll be saying goodbye to Kylie Timpani, who’s flying off to join the big ol’ fruit company in San Francisco. We’re incredibly proud of what she’s achieved and wish her all the best for the amazing journey ahead. Good luck, Kylie! 🍎

If we had to sum up 2018 in a single word, it would be: bananasrefreshing.

We made new friends, adopted new people, gained new perspective, and made time to reassess our drive and purpose as creative professionals in Perth’s digital climate. With all its hellos, goodbyes and howya-doins, this year has taught us a lot about who we are as a team. We’re looking forward to all the surprises and adventures to come in 2019.

Wherever you are, however you celebrate, we wish you all the best for the Christmas season, and a very happy new year.

❤️ Jay, Karen, Lee, Paul, Mark, Dedy, Kylie, Chris, Dan, Jess, Sandy, Matt, Teegan, Callum, Monty and Kristy 🍌


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