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We’re Hiring: Web Developer

We’re looking for a talented web developer to join our team. Must love the craft and play well with others — we care about culture fit as much as we care about skills and experience. Read on for more…

About Us

We’re a fun loving bunch of developers and designers located in Perth, Australia. We serve clients around the world with outcome-focused creative thinking in the digital space. As a team, we actively pursue our own projects and encourage each other to grow in the fields we’re passionate about.

We don’t have a sales team. We don’t do overtime. We don’t outsource. And we don’t sacrifice quality for profit. We value relationships and real human experiences. We turn up each day because we care about what we do and believe an enjoyable, creative workplace with like-minded people is the secret to high-quality strategy and output.

Outside of digital we’ve been known to host board game nights, group fitness, and the occasional yoga session; while also enjoying the oddskydive,mountain climb and awkwardgroupphoto.

About You

You’re a motivated web developer with experience in building and delivering bespoke websites and (potentially) web and mobile apps. You’re comfortable with CMS integration as well as custom platforms. You thrive on collaboration, communicate well, manage your time & priorities with ease, enjoy learning new things, and can execute to a very high standard.

Here’s what we expect:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • CMS integration experience (ideally WordPress, SilverStripe or Drupal)
  • Best practice methodologies
  • 2+ years’ experience in web (juniors welcome to apply)

Any if you have experience with any these*, you’ll get extra kudos:

  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • React and/or React Native
  • Native mobile app development (iOS or Android)
  • Server management/devops

*Of course if you don’t know these but are keen to learn, we’ll help bring you up to speed.

You get bonus points if you like to tinker with other tech, pursue skills or hobbies outside of digital, or can impress us with baked goods.

How to Apply

If you like how we sound, drop a short email to careers@humaan.com with:

  • An email or CV detailing your relevant experience, and
  • a link to your website, Github profile or 2-3 examples of your best work.

You must be legally eligible to work in Australia, speak fluent English, and live in Perth. Please, no recruiters or Word documents.


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