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Humaan 2020: 10 years and a facelift

13 May 2020

This year marks ten years as a company and much has changed along the way. Recently, we’ve done a lot of introspecting and taking stock of what we want from the next decade.

While we’ve progressed through several websites in that time, one thing that’s stayed relatively constant is our identity.

Previous Humaan Logos

Affectionately known as “Henry”, our old logo was very matter of fact but it never told the whole story. As we gear up for the next decade we decided it was time for something new.

Discovering “Us”

In 2018 (!), we got the whole team together to explore the future of the company and our brand. We wanted the process to be inclusive, and the result to capture everyone’s connection to the Humaan brand.

Humaan Brand Workshop

We examined our 10-year roadmap, why we exist, our values and brand personality, as well as any visual elements we associated with the brand. What was most interesting about the data was that as a team, we generally agreed on what we thought of Humaan, and that we based our observations on what we experience day to day. For example…

Humaan Workshop

We’re more friendly than authoritative, which comes out in our collaborative approach with clients and within the team. We’re passionate about innovation, and our playful culture often leads to experimentation and exploration.

And we strive to deliver above and beyond. The best outcomes we’ve delivered have been for fellow forward-thinkers — companies who wanted to push the boundaries of digital and were willing to invest in quality results.

A human identity

A brand identity sets a tone and establishes an expectation. In a way, it makes a promise to clients and to audiences about the outcomes they can expect. While Henry spoke to a small part of who we were, we wanted our new identity to communicate who we are.

Humaan early logo sketches / ideation

We explored many avenues and found the same four themes came up time and again:

  • a “human” expression (embodying our name and values),
  • playfulness,
  • diversity, and
  • simplicity.

Goodbye, Henry. Welcome, Interface.

Humaan Identity 2020

We created a new logo system to communicate the diversity of our team and our work, the expression of our culture, and to epitomise many of the characteristics of what makes us, us. Versatile by design, the system allows us to be playful with our identity, conveying the essence of our brand balanced with a more modest logotype.

We’ve named this new system “Interface”.

Humaan Logomark – Interface

Website #5

Born out of the brand workshop and our exploration of identity design, Website #5 has been in production for quite some time. We kept what worked – Team profiles, Blog, Project Planner – and overhauled the rest with a more playful brand and mature experience.

One of our biggest challenges with our old site was how difficult it was to feature new work, given the unique nature of our case studies. We’d overshot the mark a little in our pursuit of bespoke narratives, which meant that while we had the ability to tell every project’s story, we often ran out of time.

This new incarnation of Our Work employs a modular system, keeping all the uniqueness of the previous system, but with tidier infrastructure so we can share new work more efficiently. To that end, we’ve been working hard to launch with over 50 individual case studies + additional project highlights, many of which we’ve never revealed before!

And as always, we’ve left a few fun things to discover.

To 2021, and beyond!

The way we represent ourselves today, across our brand, identity, and website, feels true to our values and our culture after 10 years in business. We’ve been working with lots of great clients internationally and Australia-wide throughout the journey, and a bunch more to be revealed soon.

2020 is far from the year we expected, but we’re excited about what the future holds. Beyond our brand refresh and website, there are several other changes afoot, which we’re excited to announce as the year unfolds.

Stay tuned.

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