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We’re now (proudly) accepting bitcoin. Here’s why.

4 October 2017

From today, we’re adding bitcoin to our list of accepted payment methods from clients (locally and internationally).

We believe physical borders shouldn’t limit how an organisation reaches its audience. So why shouldn’t our currency reflect that too?

We’ve been impressed by many notable companies adopting bitcoin in recent years such as WordPress, Stripe and Expedia. We weren’t ready to take the plunge then, but bitcoin has now been around for eight years (it’s only a year older than we are) and we’re confident it has a bright future ahead.

Having seen the shift from physical to digital over the last decade, we are truly on board with cryptocurrencies and their potential in revolutionising the global economy.

We’ve collaborated with a range of clients and partners across Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East, exchanging various currencies in addition to our local Australian Dollar. We’re excited to accept bitcoin as a currency, and even more so to explore the potential of cryptocurrencies in future projects.

To our current and future clients: Invoices you receive from today will include information about paying with the cryptocurrency, alongside traditional fiat options.

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