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Our favourite apps

Even with our new site done, we’re still busy as ever, getting new stuff ready to launch. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of apps and sites to help us along the way. Here are a few of our current favourites for both work and play — hope you find something useful here!

Design & dev

BearA beautiful, flexible writing app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Dan B says: beautiful app that just won the “App of the Year” on the Mac App Store. With full Markdown support, easy export, and nifty organisation tools it’s a real winner in my book.

Laravel Valet — Minimalist Laravel development environment that supports a heap of popular platforms.

Dan B says: with its very low memory usage it’s perfect for development on the road.

SVGOMG!Web-based tool for optimising massive SVGs.

Jesse Says: I’ve had heaps of fun incorporating svg into my workflow this year and SVGOMG has been the MVP in the process. It takes the ‘hassle’ out of SHASSLEVG.

UnheapA tidy repository of JavaScript plugins.

UnsplashBeautiful high-resolution photos released for free under public domain (CC0).


AlfredA productivity app that adds enhanced features and customisations to macOS and iOS.

Dan B says: this is one of the first apps I install on a new Mac. The workflows and integrations with other apps is perfect! Get the powerpack for maximum power 🙂

Kylie says: You could be productive with Alfred, or you could use it to make using emojis on your mac so.much.easier. thanks to Joel Califa.

ArqAutomatically backs up all your Macs and Windows PCs. Works with Amazon, Google, Dropbox and OneDrive.

BetterTouchToolCustom gestures for Magic Mouse, Macbook Trackpad, Magic Trackpad and normal mice.

Dedy says: Add countless more multi-finger click or swipe gestures on magic mouse or trackpad, makes you feel like an octopus.

FantasticalA pretty fantastic calendar app for both macOS and iOS.

Kylie says: Conversation input to add an event or reminder is fun and somehow heaps easier than tapping on a whole bunch of tiny ui elements.

SparkA fast, smart way to manage email. Spark gives time back to all those who live by their inbox. (Mac & iOS only)

Steep.itSimple web-based timer with steeping presets for tea, and basic time parameters for everything else.

Sandy says: I use this for all my timeboxing (yes, even tea timeboxing). Love how basic it is.

TydligA reimagining of traditional calculators. (iOS only)

Listening pleasure

OvercastA free, powerful and simple podcast player for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Dan B says: been using Overcast since it launched – easily the best podcast client out there. Smart Speed, which cleverly removes audio whitespace, has saved me 220 hours! Bonus points for super fast sync and “nitpicky” options.

ShazamOld gold. Identify (almost) any music playing around you.

Jesse says: Shazam is a gateway app. A gateway to the magical world of music you’re yet to discover.

SoundHoundDiscover music, explore music, and identify music — even from songs you sing or hum.

Treats for life

BuddhifyBeautiful meditation app, promising peace of mind for the price of a cup of coffee.

Day OneSimple, elegant journalling app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Good On YouEthical brand ratings in the palm of your hand. Yes, it’s Australian!

GyroscopeTrack your fitness, health, online activity, the music you listen to, the places you go. It’s a self-tracker’s delight. (iOS only)

HouzzA great resource for browsing, learning and finding people for your interior design projects.



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