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Welcome, Callum!

23 January 2018

Say hello to our newest Humaan, Callum Shand. A well-rounded designer with a background in development and UX, he impressed us the moment he walked through the door. We asked Callum to tell us about himself, here’s what he said:

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

I have always been fascinated with computers. As a young’un I would often sneak into the study to load up DOOM or help my Dad remove viruses that I had almost certainly downloaded and subsequently blamed on my sister. I’m still tech support for most of my family, a burden I fear I’ll carry forever.

As a young teen, my first foray into design was creating various gaming forum signatures for my friends. In my last semester whilst studying a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media, I was lucky enough to be put in contact with a digital agency and became a professional web developer. Despite my love for code and discovering new front-end goodies, my true love has always been design. Fast forward six years, I left as the Head of UX.

What are you most looking forward to?

The guys and gals at Humaan are nothing but exceptional, proving time and time again with countless award winning websites. I have followed their work for a long time and I’m eager to give everything I have as their Digital Designer.

What makes you Humaan?

Gigs, great vego food, walks with the partner and pupper, and a mighty fine Whisky collection.


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