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Luke Thompson

Welcome, Luke

23 August 2019

We were stoked when Luke applied for our most recent front-end dev role. Previously an intern and a long-time friend of Humaan, he’s the photographic genius behind a bunch of our Christmas shoots, with a wealth of talent and creative drive to boot. Here’s what he had to say about joining the team:

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

You know, it all started because I just wanted to go skating more. So I found ways to do that. With the internet’s help, I taught myself videography and photography, to the point where I ended working as a photographer for skateboarding magazines and fashion labels. While working for a local skateboarding brand, I built a couple of WordPress sites and realised I enjoyed the technical challenges of web development more than what I was already doing. So I headed back to uni with the goal of working at Humaan when I graduated. I’m so glad the hard work paid off!

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to exploring and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible as the web grows. It’s an exciting time for the web and I love following along with the newest technological innovations to see how they can be used to create better experiences for people.

What makes you Humaan?

I’m a tinkerer with an innate sense of curiosity about how things work. Pulling all my toys apart and trying to put them together again was a big part of my childhood and I never really stopped doing it.

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