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Matt Boddy

Welcome, Matt!

A warm welcome to our newest Humaan and talented developer, Matt Boddy! We’re excited to have him on board — he enjoys reading, board games, coffee and awesome TV just as much as we do. We asked Matt for an intro; here’s what he gave us.

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

Starting with an enthusiasm for all things technical, I completed my education in multimedia becoming fluent in a wide range of technologies that no longer exist!

Working my way through the industry over the last decade, I’ve been on a strange ride from technical support, to design, to front-end and then finally back-end development with systems administration mixed in along the way.

What are you most looking forward to?

Working in a constant and quickly evolving industry opens up so many exciting possibilities. I’m looking forward to exploring these new technologies as an integral part of a great team with a great culture.

What makes you Humaan?

Getting out in the sunshine and recharging with a smashed avocado breakfast after a lively walk with my partner and pup, having some great (or inane) conversations with friends, or just enjoying time relaxing at home.


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