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Welcome Niaal!

12 January 2015

A new year and another talented Humaan to welcome to the team, Mr Niaal Holder. Niaal impressed us with his depth of knowledge, woodworking skills and the fact that he also has two a’s in his name. We asked Niaal the usual three questions to introduce himself below.

Niaal Holder

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.
I’ve been tooling around in front-end web for the better part of 15 years now, which for all its glamour probably just makes me some sort of old geezer. *shakes fist at the youth of today*

In that time I’ve been a designer, coder, writer, planner and UX consult…er. The more I’ve moved between these areas, the more I’ve noticed how much overlap there is in the thinking behind them – once you’ve got your head around the tools. Now if everyone would just stop changing the tools, yeah that’d be greaaaat…

What are you most looking forward to from here?
I can feel it in my bones… we’re so freaking close to a time when designing and coding for the front-end experience is a pleasant, streamlined adventure that doesn’t involve tears, compromise or internet explorer 8.

What makes you Humaan?
I live in a comedy household with two cats who think they’re people, and my partner who thinks she’s a cat. In my spare time I teach people to leap around in pyjamas at a martial arts school, kick things and shout a lot at football, and make unprofessional furniture thanks to a brutal carpentry habit.


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