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The largest private community of LGBTQ people in the Middle East, AHWAA approached Humaan to reimagine their digital platform to offer a more inclusive, accessible and engaging experience.

  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Illustration
  • Design System
ahwaa screenshots of homepage post, first login and discussions

Community-focused objectives

With the previous version of the platform based on an out-of-the-box forum solution, AHWAA wanted to move to a bespoke design that would empower the community and encourage participation while ensuring a high degree of usability, particularly for new users.

ipad devices showing category page and expanded chat
ahwaa ui components

Modular architecture

The entire user interface is made up of modular building blocks, designed to maintain a cohesive design system across the site and help developers easily manage and extend the platform over time.

inputs and select ui components

Responsive, of course

The modular design system extends across all screen sizes, ensuring a high degree of integrity and a familiar experience for every user, no matter their device.

Supporting the user's experience

We helped strategise additional value-adds for the platform and user base, such as the custom profile manager complete with an avatar creation tool. These unique elements not only further engage users but help with the specific needs of the community, with personalised avatars helping to navigate concerns around privacy and sensitive subject matter.