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Unearthed boasts the largest community of developers and data scientists working on industry challenges in energy and resources. We’ve been working closely with the team over a number of years, supporting their UI & UX needs across an evolving digital platform.

  • UX & Workflow Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Visualisation & Infographics
  • IA and Navigation
ipad device showing unearthed homepage

Designed for impact

As part of our initial undertaking with the team, we re-imagined the public-facing website to promote a stronger brand and clearer mission, encouraging participation from innovators and piquing the interest of industry participants.

Considered UX

Serving two primary audience groups, we mapped out the core experience for each, with user journeys supported by curated content and compelling conversion funnels.

The consistency challenge

Where repeatable data was be available, we explored simple yet versatile design systems that allowed for flexibility while retaining the integrity of key information.

unearthed event cards and homepage
Unearthed for industry screencapture

Engaging the industry

Driving new leads within the industry is a separate Industry homepage, framing Unearthed’s outstanding track record and highlighting the potential benefits of their engaging platform.

“Humaan is just that, Human. They spend the time to understand our business and then solve our challenges with an understanding of our users and top notch design.”

Zane Prickett
Director, Unearthed
Unearthed Portal

Unearthed Portal

As a digital-only outfit, Unearthed’s business is entirely supported by the Unearthed Portal. We’ve been closely involved in the strategy and UI/UX across several iterations of this product, facilitating the evolution of this rapidly growing community and platform.

Unearthed UI examples

Bespoke UI

Given the unique nature of the platform and the complexities associated with running challenges, many unique UI components have been designed to accomodate an intuitive user experience, catering for specific business needs.

ui components
unearthed process

Visualising process

A suite of visualisations facilitate a smoother collaboration process, demonstrating Unearthed’s powerful offering while showcasing the capabilities across their team.

unearthed ui components
unearthed explorer challenge

Featured challenges

Looking to promote particularly interesting challenges, we designed customer landing pages to drive engagement and exposure. These landing pages each offer a unique experience to reflect the diversity of opportunities presented, all while embodying the essence and energy of the organisation.

unearthed gawler challenge