Australia's premier travel destination

A new experience for Australia’s premier travel destination

7Travel is Australia’s premier travel destination, owned and operated by Seven West Media. Following a strategic shift away from ad-supported publishing, the national media company approached us for a reimagined online experience that supported their new eCommerce initiatives.

The 7travel Homepage

Elegance & simplicity for genuine engagement

The key to this project was developing a structure, aesthetic and communication strategy that actively engages the site’s broad audience base. Simple page layouts were designed to give prominence to the vibrant imagery at the core of 7Travel’s sales pitch. Packages feature clearly and widely throughout the site, integrated seamlessly with rich content relating to online articles and television-promoted travel material.

The design aims to drive conversion — website signups and mobile app downloads — by providing a consistent, clear and intuitive online experience leading into an easy registration process.

7travel destination card - Australia
7travel destination card - South Pacific
7travel destination card - Hawaii
7travel destination card - Asia
7travel destination card - New Zealand
7travel destination card - Canada

Optimised for the modern audience

The site’s responsive behaviour can see radical changes between the full-sized and mobile versions of a single page. This deliberate shift in content priority and presentation is to offer users a solid narrative with respect to the available screen space across different devices.

Meanwhile, UI elements change to suit what’s best for users, given the medium — for example, the destination tabs on the Travel Deals page collapse to a dropdown menu on smaller screens — presenting the optimal experience as users journey through the content.

Business complexities made simple for users

Under the hood, the site’s simple UI is underpinned by a complex combination of business rules and templates directing content delivery, visual presentation and responsive behaviour based on the features included in each travel packages. Our priority was to ensure an elegant experience for the user, showing them only what they need to know when they need to know it.

The 7travel packages page, displayed on Macbook Pro
Book now and reserve screenshot

Humaan are an exceptional development team that have been absolute pleasure to work with. Not only are they always accommodating and professional but they will always find a solution to any problem that arises.

Sally MacFadyen, Head of 7Travel
Screenshot of 7travel homepage

A world-class experience for every traveller

Part travel magazine and part online store, the new 7Travel site offers visitors a first-class experience of modern eCommerce and content delivery, encouraging organic traffic, member registration and, ultimately, sales conversion.

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