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Auspire is the Australia Day council of Western Australia. Previously an organisation concentrated on Australia Day celebrations, they now effect a broader mission: to inspire belonging, social inclusion, and the core values of what it is to be Australian.

Auspire approached us for a new website to accompany their rebrand. Their aim was to depart from their previous “one day a year” offering, and engage the community with a more diverse message and proposition.

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A fresh strategy for a loyal audience

This project came bundled with new organisational goals that included growing Auspire's membership base, encouraging further engagement with school groups, promoting community events, and selling merchandise. Our challenge was to achieve every goal while keeping the site intuitive and easy to use.

Armed with Auspire's reimagined brand, we planned out how the organisation could continue serving their target audience through digital. They'd no longer be a hub just for Australia Day content, but a resource for local councils, schools, community groups and the general public. Going forward, they would aim to be the first port of call for information on events, awards, initiatives, workshops, the ambassador network, and civic & citizenship knowledge.

A revitalised web presence
(for everyone)

We laid a strong foundation for this site, harnessing Auspire's wealth of content with a logical information architecture. Then, we identified and designed around clear, distinct calls to action, driving users towards their objectives, whilst facilitating exploration and information discovery.

Key to the success of this website — and to the integrity of Auspire's message — was an accessibility-first creative strategy and a UX-first approach to design. With a site usable by everyone, with WCAG 2.0 compliance underpinning the visual, interactive and technical elements, Auspire make good on their promise of social inclusion from the very first point of contact.

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Contemporary style, timeless message

We created a lively, full-screen design to capitalise on Auspire's vibrant new branding motif, prepared by Kiosk Creative. By adopting a "modern, not trendy" style, we convey the relevance of Auspire's message to contemporary audiences, demonstrating dignity, authenticity and commitment.

These subtle nuances that factor into design decisions go a long way in communicating a brand's credibility. Something as simple as text placement, photographic styling or use of colour can show how an organisation cares about its visitors, promoting audience trust, and driving conversion and growth.

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Easy event promotion

The rolling events calendar promotes Auspire's diverse range of events, giving visitors an accessible, quickly linkable source for referencing and sharing. Handy search and filter tools make it easy to find relevant, local and specific events, or discover upcoming events throughout the year.

Each event's individual page presents a clear and intuitive layout, supporting a range of event types. This support includes calls to action and simple tools for sharing the event on social media, registering interest, and purchasing tickets ahead of time.

Asupire Example UI on iPad

Integrated eCommerce with member benefits

The webshop handles all of the product display, member discounts, shopping cart management and checkout processing in a fully integrated workflow. We wanted to make it easy for people to purchase directly through the site, encouraging conversions by reducing user friction and offering a streamlined customer experience.

Robust, future-friendly content management

We set up the site on Wordpress and WooCommerce, a proven platform combination that enables Auspire's in-house staff to manage their own site and eCommerce store. With such robust and flexible infrastructure, the organisation's digital presence can continue to evolve alongside their corporate strategy.

Screenshot of the Auspire Homepage

An inclusive, cohesive and resilient digital presence

This clean and functional corporate NFP site embodies modern best practice and a people-first approach to design and digital development. It honours Auspire's cause, strategy and message — designing with a commitment to social responsibility, and delivering with the needs of the audience in mind.

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