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As a well established, traditional martial arts school, the Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy wanted to reimagine their website to offer a more contemporary, digital-first brand experience.

Chinese Kung Fu

Strategy & Design

The previous website served a rudimentary business support function but didn’t allow for a forward thinking digital strategy that would grow an audience and client base outside of its two suburban locations.

A key strategic focus was to deliver relevant content to existing and potential martial arts exponents to build on the Academy’s expertise and enhance the brand reputation. This would eventually dovetail with subscription courses and an online store to leverage engagement and provide a widespread revenue stream as an alternative to the physical Academy.

From a design point of view, it was important to communicate the human and energetic nature of the sport throughout, while also remaining true to the history of the organisation and the discipline.

Chinese Kung Fu - Discovery

Exploration, research and moodboarding


The challenges of the ambitious digital strategy required a clear focus on design-driven user experience solutions. It was essential to offer clarity and hierarchy to guide the audience in finding what interests them most, particularly on mobile.

As a martial arts teaching academy first and foremost, it was essential for users to be able to book classes easily while still getting a sense that the Academy has much more to offer and inviting that exploration and discovery. The lifestyle blog creates a space for a broad range of content that relates directly or indirectly to the martial arts lifestyle. The website is also built to expand to an online store and to offer subscription based video courses to extend the commercial reach beyond its geographical confines.

Interactive Site Elements

Chinese Kung Fu - ExecutionChinese Kung Fu - ExecutionChinese Kung Fu - Execution
Chinese Kung Fu - Execution
Chinese Kung Fu
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"How do you describe in just a few sentences how good Humaan are. Look at the websites they have built. Phenomenal."

Nicholas and Sydel, Chinese Kung Fu