Commercial Real Estate

A richly integrated news and blog platform, featuring syndicated and exclusive content

Commercial Real Estate, owned by Domain Group / Fairfax Media, is an integrated print and online marketing and media vehicle for the commercial property industry across Australia. They identified the opportunity for leveraging their wealth of content to better engage their audience, and approached Humaan to turn their vision of a rich information experience into reality.

Commercial Real Estate Website Assets
Commercial Real Estate Website Assets

Working closely with the client, we came up with a strategy for an integrated news and blog platform that would offer visitors a reliable source of authoritative information, combined with an elegant user experience. The site would feature news from reputable and recognisable journalists, balanced with interesting blog posts and more immersive, engaging and shareable content.

A content-aware design system

Our design needed to unify the vast quantity and variety of articles, sources, and user needs under the Commercial Real Estate brand. We proposed a clean and concise structure that would encourage an interesting journey through the many unique content types and components, whilst providing a very engaging visitor experience.

Syndication with the Fairfax network

One of the project’s core objectives was to develop an intelligent syncing system, seamlessly pulling commercial real estate content from Fairfax News mastheads and integrating them directly into the news area of the website.

The masthead syncing system is highly modular and capable of supporting new articles in a matter of moments. It also readily handles the scenarios and requirements of cross-site dependencies, such as automatic and scheduled publishing, updating posts that have been modified (for legal or other reasons), and ignoring specific content by keywords.


Rich content, rich experience

With a robust system of components bringing together all of Commercial Real Estate’s digital assets, we could provide users with a richer experience of the media outlet’s depth of content. Tightly integrated masthead news would ensure the site offered a timely wealth of wide-reaching commercial real estate news, listings and industry commentary. For a busy reader, the new Commercial Real Estate site could easily serve as a one-stop shop for the majority of information needs.

Commercial Real Estate Homepage

"The new Commercial Real Estate News site is a commercial real estate marketplace combining news, advice and listings for our audience. Humaan closely collaborated with us and fully understood our audience, our brand and what we wanted to achieve. We have received very positive feedback and engagement since launch, which is a credit to Humaan’s skill and expertise in creating digital solutions.

It was a breeze to work Humaan, we were impressed with their attention to detail, close collaboration and transparency throughout the project build. This is reflected in the product, taking our Commercial Real Estate business into a new era with a great start."

Peter Petrovski, Commercial Real Estate