A high end showcase for a leading furniture institution

Western Australian commercial and residential furniture retailer, designFARM, needed a new website that would reflect their reputable high-end brand and showcase their amazing catalogue.

designFARM Website Assets

designFARM is a highly respected institution with a unique personality that permeates the style of their premium quality products. It would be incredibly important for their web presence to capture the sophistication and flavour of both their brand and their collection. In addition, it would be vital to maintain designFARM's position as thought leaders in their field, making informed design decisions that are sensitive to scientific understanding.


Our aim was to encourage a simple journey that immerses users in the brand story as they browse through the catalogue. This would mean adopting designFARM's own furniture design principles for the website's look and feel.

Products and content were to take centre stage on the new website, with navigation, site features and meta information designed to recede into the background. Individual product pages would engage users with carefully curated, high-quality images and easy access to key information and specifications.


Delivering this desired experience posed interesting technical challenges. A key aspect of the design was a single-page furniture catalogue that allowed users to filter content based on brand, type, price, and other parameters. This product filter needed to extend flexibly to a very large catalogue, but also work intuitively no matter what users were looking for.

Further functionality included allowing users to bookmark items and download product specifications, as well as allowing members to log in and access restricted content.

Every item in designFARM's collection makes a statement. So the catalogue would adopt a minimal approach to let the bold, stylish pieces speak for themselves. This substance-driven product grid comes to life, encouraging exploration through colour, texture and form thanks to the uniqueness of each designFARM offering.

As with any modern digital approach, user experience across all devices would be fundamental to the new website's success. In particular, it was incredibly important to retain the integrity, immersiveness and intuitiveness of the catalogue, whilst optimising the layouts and interactions on tablet and mobile platforms across the whole experience.

designFARM on tablets

The new website appeals to designFARM's spectrum of target audiences, with an organised, tidy appearance that encourages shoppers and industry associates to explore and discover unique products and beautifully created content.

The site's WORKLIFE section acts as a starting point for building relationships with commercial and industry customers. Along with glimpses of designFARM's experience with providing tailored solutions, the brand also shares insights and current knowledge to inform better outfitting decisions for more productive and efficient workspaces.

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